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:gb_tuxcube: Join Our GeekBeacon Discord here to be part of our Not Alone Hangouts, courtesey of the isolation COVID19 is trying to put on us. We got this.

:gb_pottercube: Check out our Open Games Wiki so we can source fun stuff to play that doesn’t require a download.

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Screenshots from Events

^^ Geekbeacon Minecraft Server ^^

Capture2 she-hulk

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Because most events start with "Never Alone - " (and Google Calendar doesn’t wrap lines) each calendar item has to be clicked to see the more specific part of its title. I think placing the recurring part at the end would increase the overview value of the calendar… maybe in tag-style, something like:

Hangout & Party Games! [ Never Alone ]


GB Watch Party |♥] 𐩑 𐩑 | Never Alone \

Also, when are these Music Nights you spoke of?

Good point, we should fix those for sure — honestly those are just placemarkers really. The music is 24/7, including happening now! @Modanung

Fixed, please see calendar. Also music is pretty must daily at 8 am PST - 11 AM PST

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