Cybersecurity Class Study Group

Cybersecurity Class Study Group

Current participants: @GutsHeatJ @torch @csgeek @Holler @Daemon @CanadianJoker @ZenCarter

Just for clarification: We are meeting to discuss the material. So you are expected to have already watched and at least tried to absorb the content in the videos.


Hi guys, I mentioned this in Discord but I wanted to re-post here… if you’d like to continue with the class without me, that’s okay. I cannot attend the class until next week because of some medical issues. :frowning:

I have rescheduled for next Wednesday at 4 PT/ 7 ET and here it is on the calendar. Unless you have a full group and want to get going!

Please study up until AFTER Section 3, and then we will recap at our Study Group.
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I might be able to help answer some questions if people ever have any. I work in this industry.


That sounds great - we’d love to have you next Wednesday!

@ZenCarter I also added you, we had the post set up as a Wiki so you can also add yourself, no issue. We had to change that feature for a while because of some security issues within our sever. My apologies!

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

New Discord channel added, #cybersecurity-study.

I think it’s renamed to #study-group. If anyone doesn’t have access, please let me know.

it has been renamed it seems :fire:

This has been completed and will be in #group-projects:archive-projects - Thanks all!

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Glad it’s been archived, will definitely skim through that, never know, might learn something I didn’t already know. Thanks! =)

(ach du milde, it’s a paid UDemy class, had no idea, will have to check it out when I get my card working again tho.)

Side note on final feedback. This was a 4 part class. We only did the first section and though there were some interesting snippets that I learned it was pretty introductory.

If you are interested in the topic, you’ll likely want to do all 4 parts to get something out of it.

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