Just a dude, tryin’ to make it through life in one piece… :grin:

I have Asperger’s (Highly Functional Autism) and ADHD.
I can get a little “intense” sometimes, but I mean well.
The ADHD brain allows me to “HyperFocus” and I can get sucked in during research or writing (ATM mostly that, but used to be an avid gamer, same “HyperFocus” there) and completely lose track of time, to the point where you almost have to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention. If all you get out of me when asking a question is an “mm” or a grunt in response, I probably didn’t even hear what you said, and was just reacting to the sound of someone speaking…
(I find this emoji so amusing and it sort of describes me a little, so I felt compelled to use it twice, haha)

Been a “geek” since I was 8, when I got my first PC in '85 (an 8Mhz 286).
Within two weeks, the thing was in molecules. :grin:
I got curious what made it tick and tried to “reverse engineer” the damn thing, and my “inner engineer” was born, haha. :innocent:

I first “got online” back in the modem/BBS days, late 80s to early 90s, and my first encounter with the “modern Internet” we all use today was with EFnet IRC on a Sun SparcStation4, summer of '93 @ the local College.
I was 16, going on 17 and was totally blown away by the experience!
My fist nick on EFnet was “Indigo”.
I would spend entire nights @ the “Sparc4”, chatting away on EFnet, IRCnet or DALnet, browsing through UseNet groups, surfing de IntarWebz and generally having a blast.

I sometimes monologue when engaged or captivated by a specific topic I find challenging or interesting.
Just please be patient with me, I usually make a valid point in the end.
When conversing “voice-only” or AFK/phone, I don’t take offense at all at being told straight up to “shut up”, especially if I can’t see the other person and can’t interpret body language to realize that the other person/people want to say something.

I speak four languages fluently (English, Polish, Swedish and German) and can understand and express basic communication in Spanish.
I know a few common phrases in a handful of other languages, for example Chinese, Japanese, Syrian Arabic and French.
I consider myself somewhat of a “Linguistic Chameleon” and love to mess around with different accents. Scottish, Irish and Australian are my favorite ones in English. :blush:

More info and full BIO (TECH BackGround, Personal Stuff), here:


“May Peace be Within You and Around You”
“Be Still Like Mountain, Yet Flow Like Great River”