Among Us - Play & Giveaway Event

Among Us! (6)

Among Us with Nixie Pixel, EonofAeon & LexiWhereThisGoes & Optymystical

Leads - @Nixie, @Eonofaeon, LexiWhereThisGoes
Date & Time - Sunday 9/20/2020 - 2PM PT / 4PM CT / 5PM ET / 9AM UTC - Calendar :spiral_calendar:
Where - GeekBeacon Discord (Events Voice Channel :speaking_head:) | EonofAeon Twitch | LexiWhereThisGoes Twitch | Optymystical Twitch

Watch all streams here -
GB Youtube: Among Us with GeekBeacon - YouTube

We will be playing Among Us in the GeekBeacon Discord. EonofAeon & LexiWhereThisGoes will stream live to their Twitch channels. If you would like to watch both streams at the same time, you can follow the link above.

When playing, please enter the Events voice channel in the GeekBeacon Discord. You will start off muted, you may also have to deafen yourself. You will only be un-muted during the meeting to find out who the impostors are. Players who die, are allowed to speak with each other when players are in action.

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