GB Gaming Takeover - South East Linux Fest

Voice chat here:

GB Gaming Takeover - South East Linux Fest

Leads - @Nixie @Eonofaeon @Gameslayer @Holler
Where - GeekBeacon Discord
Video Stream & IRC - - #southeastlinuxfest on Freenode (IRC)
Start Time - 6/13/2020 @ 5:30PM PST / 7:30PM CST / 8:30PM EST / 12:30AM UTC - Calendar :spiral_calendar:

Join us for the South East Linux Fest, taking place on 6/12 through 6/14. We’ll be joining the conference a bit later with a Virtual After Party Stream where we will be concurrently playing Tabletop Simulator, Minecraft, and Team Fortress 2, with one stream going over to the SELF event itself.

As well, check out Gameslayer’s Open Source Project; GamerWorld at the links below.
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GamerWorld - GitLab
GameWorld - Website

Details on the games we’re playing.

Team Fortress 2 Server

  • connect (enter in console)

Minecraft Server

Table Top Simulator

  • Room Name: Geekbeacon | Password: herpderp

Watch Here