Classic Game Night - Conquest and Capture Event - Galactic Conquest

GeekBeacon - Classic Game Night
Conquest and Capture Event in Galactic Conquest

The event is crafted around infantry battles with a setlist of Conquest and new Capture the Flag maps.

Leaders : Posi , Bremaine
Host Server :
Discord : GeekBeacon
Discord :
Event Start Time : 1PM PST / 3PM CST / 4PM EST
Steam Start : 4PM PST / 6PM CST / 7PM EST
:spiral_calendar:Calendar (Add to convert to your timezone)
Download the Galactic Conquest 8.2 standalone ISO at the mediafire link below. Simply extract/unzip and run the setup!

As well, join us 5/21/2020 at 3PM PST / 5PM CST / 6PM EST for some Classic Battlefield 1942 with the Moongamers crew. You can find their discord here.

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New project announcement. I have gathered partial support and reserved a server for another Galactic Conquest Event. With brief conversation with Bremaine I’d hope to be able to offer a Legacy Gaming experience to your community.


A Moongamers server has been reserved for this event. Serving BF1942 since 2004, this is a Dedicated Box hailing from a Texas location. A fully armed Battlestation if you will.

Event has been added to the calendar. :slight_smile:

Here: Calendar :spiral_calendar:

Hey guys, don’t forget tomorrow we’re back for more Galactic Conquest fun with The Legend Of Lando. The event starts at 4PM EST. Check the Calendar and add it to see it in your time.

Go to this site set up by the 1942 mods crew that includes downloads for the game/mod, as well as the manual and requirements in order to play. -

We will be live on the GeekBeacon Discord, while Moongamers, 1942 mods, and others may be in their own Discord/voice chat during the event.

Moongamers Playground Server - [ I.P. Port :14567 ]
If server above does not work, use server below:

The Mos Eisley Cantina - I.P. Port 14568

GeekBeacon Discord
Moongamers Discord
1942 Mods Discord