Gaming For Good Panel - LANFest 2021

Join us for the upcoming Gaming For Good Panel during LANFest Mayhem, which starts May 28th and runs through May 30th. More details on these events can be found here - LanFest Live | Linktree

When - 2021-05-31T00:00:00Z | Calendar
Where To Watch - LANFest Twitch

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As well help support Engineers without Borders by donating this weekend during the InfernaWAN Mayhem 21 for LANFest. The goal is $4,000 and if you’d like to donate, please go to - :point_left:

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Some current questions are :point_down:

  1. How did you become inspired to begin gaming for good? What does gaming for good mean to you?

  2. How did you find this as a career path? What steps led you to where you are today?

  3. Why did you choose the gaming sector to inspire social change, as opposed to another field, why do you prefer gaming?

  4. Can you tell me your favorite story of how gaming or your mission/service has helped a person or group overcome their own personal struggles?

  5. What has surprised you the most in doing this work?

  6. Have you seen an increase in how games are being used to help others? Where do you see the future of using games or tech for social good and change?

What are some of yours?

With something like 20 years of organized efforts at discussing and promoting serious/social impact games (Serious Games Initiative and their specific conferences like Games for Health, Games for Change, Games for Love, Games for Good), there remains a significant disconnect in terms of developing and distributing a social impact game, the issue stakeholders, funders, pedagogical experts and game developers. And once developed, the game has to get into the target audience, whether wide open or highly specialized. While a Google search can bring up at least one social issue game on Steam, that platform does not have a category established to make finding such games easy to find. The same is true of the App Stores, and it can be difficult to get a free app with no in-app purchases on all of such outlets. While it’s essential to develop an effective game to address an important issue, it serves no purpose if nobody plays it. Do you have any thoughts as to what can be done to facilitate the development and distribution of social impact games?

(From Facebook) Jeremy Josiah Johnson

Is there room for gaming in education at the primary level? We already expose children to many platforms and application models, but is there room for the specific use of gaming as a consistent educational experience?

(From Facebook) Dale Fountain

I noticed that two of the members have psychology degrees. Since technology isn’t a substitute for a live professional for mental health (or healthcare in general), and many people can’t afford, even with insurance, to see a psychologist, wait up to a month for an appointment, or in some cases make an hour or more trip to one that accepts their insurance, what steps are you taking as mental health game developers to connect your less-fortunate gamers with professionals?