Docker in Practice Study Group

Docker in Practice Study Group

Date/Time will be on the calendar, mailing list and the discord #study-group channel. The exact date is liable to change from week to week based on availability / interest.

Just for clarification: We are meeting to discuss the material. So you are expected to have already watched and at least tried to absorb the content in the videos.

You can find all past study group under the tag: study-group

Raffle: We’ll raffle a copy of a book donated by O’Reilly to a random person chosen from the attendance over the course of the class. The winner can pick any title that is eligible.

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First meeting will be on:
Sunday, December 6, 2020 9:00 PM

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The Docker Study Group continues this Sunday.


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Attendance Screenshot:

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Docker study group continues 2021-01-03T21:00:00Z

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Attendance for 01/03/2021


Does it make sence to come to you, or did the get to far away?

Incidentally I’ve started using Docker couple days ago, damn I wasn’t expecting it to eat up the RAM of the server! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Need to optimize my containers a bit (running same image tenfold with different environment params).

Hey guys, we’re back for the Docker study group, which is 2021-01-31T21:00:00Z

You can also tweak how the image is created. I tend to have more “Devel” oriented tools have all kinds of bloat that isn’t needed when all you need is a running container. Though the parameters you run it with definitely have an impact.

I replied via mail from mobile and I think the email was delivered but it was not attached here :sob: was the feature disabled maybe? (alas I had the brilliant idea to delete from outbox AND clear the trash folder xD)

Attendance 01/31/2021

Thanks for grabbing the attendance @Bremaine. Reminder next session will cover chapter 7 and 8. Bonus points if you hit chapter 9, if enough people read ahead we’ll cover all 3 chapters next session.

Attendance for 02/14/2021



Next few sessions breakdown:

Session 6: 2021/03/14 ==> Chapter 10,11,12
Session 7: 2021/03/28 ==> Chapter 13,14,15,16 (This session might be a bit longer to finish up the book)

Please also take a moment to vote on the next class: Next Study Group Class

I’m not sure on the order but here are my book picks:
kubernetes best practices
production kubernetes
kubernetes up and running
kubernetes operators

Attendance 4/11/2021


I’m moving this to Archives, still looking for input for anyone who wants a potential free book.

@lhz congratulation on being this classes’ winner. The requested title should be in your inbox.