Next Study Group Class

We’ve so far had a class on Intro to Security, Python and Docker.

I’d like to try to make some content that’s a bit more interactive. I think the two suggestions right now are:

  1. Learning RUST
  2. REST API in Java (possibly go/python)
    • SpringBoot, Jooq, Maven, OpenAPI

Any thoughts on what the next session should be? Any requests?

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REST API in Java would probably be more sustainable for you and you have a lot to teach.

There is a lot of dark matter Java dev going on.

Several of the jobs I am looking at want Java (either REST or jRPC).

That’s fine. Just a disclaimer Java 9+ kind of broke a lot of previous patterns that I’m not overly familiar with so everything I’ll be teaching will likely only touch on Java 8. I haven’t had a chance to look at all the changes since then but I do remember lots of old code breaking on Java 11.

I’ll setup a course syllabus and such If we want to do Java + REST next. Keep in mind a bit of Java knowledge will be required. If we’re talking about REST you need the ability to write simple java programs at the very least.

even though I’ve been using Go pretty much exclusively for the last year or so, I’d be interested in seeing how the same stuff can be done in Java or Python. also worth mentioning that spring has its own concepts and internal structure that might need to be explained and for Python I wonder what framework is most used these days. interested in seeing where it goes though

This is the syllabus I’m working on so far:

  • Requirements:
    • Some networking familiarity.
    • Java/Go/Python familiarity
  • OSI / TCP
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Why http?
  • What is an API ?
  • Historical / Other APIs.
    • SOAP
    • RPC
    • REST / HTTP
    • WebSocket
  • REST Conventions:
    • List
    • GET
    • POST
    • DELETE
    • Batch Operation
  • Examples in Java/ Spring
  • Examples in Go