Next Study Group Class

We’ve so far had a class on Intro to Security, Python and Docker.

I’d like to try to make some content that’s a bit more interactive. I think the two suggestions right now are:

  1. Learning RUST
  2. REST API in Java (possibly go/python)
    • SpringBoot, Jooq, Maven, OpenAPI

Any thoughts on what the next session should be? Any requests?

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REST API in Java would probably be more sustainable for you and you have a lot to teach.

There is a lot of dark matter Java dev going on.

Several of the jobs I am looking at want Java (either REST or jRPC).

That’s fine. Just a disclaimer Java 9+ kind of broke a lot of previous patterns that I’m not overly familiar with so everything I’ll be teaching will likely only touch on Java 8. I haven’t had a chance to look at all the changes since then but I do remember lots of old code breaking on Java 11.

I’ll setup a course syllabus and such If we want to do Java + REST next. Keep in mind a bit of Java knowledge will be required. If we’re talking about REST you need the ability to write simple java programs at the very least.