Favorite game soundtracks?

Another classic that should be part of your homewor|<!`

Are covers allowed, btw?

If videos don’t work through DuckDuckGo (i.e. youtube-nocookie) they won’t play on Discourse either.

Try that as TftBE5I soundtrack. :innocent:

You should stop by our Discord and play your soundtracks live in our Music night @Modanung https://discord.gg/geekbeacon

Also Chronotrigger --drooooool-

Striving for FLOSS purism, I must admit I’m reluctant to use Discord.

I get that, I was the same way but there’s a lot of open source projects we’re working on within Discord – so yeah, it’s just a tool and it wasn’t hard for me to learn to love it. :slight_smile:

More often than not I think Gitter or IRC suffices for collaborating.
Also, when not resisting the proprietary, demand for open source solutions diminishes.

You do realize that the Linux kernel was developed using a close source proprietary version control system for a good while because it was the right tool for the job.

Just sayin’

…maybe even running a proprietary operating system; heresy! :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realize you formulated your statement in the past tense? Times have changed: Where once spyware was rare, it has become the corporate norm. I choose not to shrug it off.

Well you’re welcome to be involved with the community on the forum. The forum software is open source running on a Linux server and written in an open source language.

Hopefully that checks all the checkbooks to make even RMS happy. :slight_smile:

Not at all; some unrepentant sinner has been spewing YouTube videos that likely record my visits. :wink:

I’d have posted them as youtube-nocookie (or invidio.us) links, but Discourse doesn’t support those.


@Modanung I opened up a new thread since this is getting way off topic: Mind if we move over to: FOSS Pursim give and take

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May as well revive this topic with some of my favorite gaming music. Even though I’ve never played a Silent Hill game all the way through, I still really like the music from the first 4 games or so. Akira Yamaoka makes some great atmospheric music. Some of which would be perfect for a Halloween music playlist. But some are great if you need some chill music to listen to.

My favorite gaming soundtrack would probably go to Red Dead Redemption though. That whole album was awesome.

Oh and I can’t forget about the soundtrack for Far Cry Blood Dragon by Power Glove.

And an honorable mention to the Alan Wake soundtrack:

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I do listen to videogame soundtracks as actual music, and my collection involves: Halo, Driver Parallel Lines, GTAs from VC to IV and Need 4 Speed (Most Wanted being my favorite for soundtracks).
EDIT: oh and how could I forget, Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War, Ace Combat Zero - The Belkan War

I’ll leave you with a playlist from Driver Parallel Lines, may be the less known:

The game has 2 timelines so the soundtracks are old era and then new era.

Pretty good! I only have heard the top one though.

Here is also a good one :blush: