Favorite game soundtracks?

Ah will have to give a listen.

Oh yes, I actually love the Witcher’s everything @Arsmartina! I can’t wait for Cyberpunk2077. For soundtracks I actually really REALLY like Fallout :slight_smile:

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I also consider the GTA2 radio stations to be timeless classics:

These people knew exactly what they were not doing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fallout 4’s though is awesome.

Another classic that should be part of your homewor|<!`

Are covers allowed, btw?

If videos don’t work through DuckDuckGo (i.e. youtube-nocookie) they won’t play on Discourse either.

Try that as TftBE5I soundtrack. :innocent:

You should stop by our Discord and play your soundtracks live in our Music night @Modanung https://discord.gg/geekbeacon

Also Chronotrigger --drooooool-

Striving for FLOSS purism, I must admit I’m reluctant to use Discord.

I get that, I was the same way but there’s a lot of open source projects we’re working on within Discord – so yeah, it’s just a tool and it wasn’t hard for me to learn to love it. :slight_smile:

More often than not I think Gitter or IRC suffices for collaborating. Discord
Also, when not resisting the proprietary, demand for open source solutions diminishes.

You do realize that the Linux kernel was developed using a close source proprietary version control system for a good while because it was the right tool for the job.

Just sayin’

…maybe even running a proprietary operating system; heresy! :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realize you formulated your statement in the past tense? Times have changed: Where once spyware was rare, it has become the corporate norm. I choose not to shrug it off.

Well you’re welcome to be involved with the community on the forum. The forum software is open source running on a Linux server and written in an open source language.

Hopefully that checks all the checkbooks to make even RMS happy. :slight_smile:

Not at all; some unrepentant sinner has been spewing YouTube videos that likely record my visits. :wink:

I’d have posted them as youtube-nocookie (or invidio.us) links, but Discourse doesn’t support those.

@Modanung I opened up a new thread since this is getting way off topic: Mind if we move over to: FOSS Pursim give and take

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