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Asking Nixie Questions

Welcome to Ask Nixie Category. There are several post in here depending on the question you want to ask. Personal, Technical and so on. People vote on which questions they’d like to see answer by using your favorite :…

5 March 20, 2019
Nixie Content Questions

BawangByte-06/27/2017 Have you seen Level1Tech’s Ryzen Linux build (with Windows VM for gaems) Planning something like that? Capt1caveman-06/27/2017 Nixi… Will you pick up where you left off with os-alt? So stoked to …

6 October 5, 2018
Ask Nixie Personal Questions

LinuxSam-06/27/2017 any problems with iritis? I belive it’s associated with AS. MetalBit-06/27/2017 Are you sure you are ok to continue doing videos? We all love you but i bet we all can agree your health is the most …

9 October 5, 2018
Ask Nixie Technical Questions

Technical Questions Still to Answer hwpplayer1 - 02/07/2018 @Nixie :purple_heart: Do you know how to get an Ubuntu TV? Ender1518 - 02/05/2018 How can I set up my router using an iPad?? I³U™-06/27/2017 Would you try…

7 October 5, 2018
Video / Topic Requests

I wanted to start this thread to capture some ideas of what the community would like to see. There is no guarantee that anything on here will be picked up but if you have a topic you really want to see presented, by Nix…

7 October 5, 2018
Games / Help Questions

Curated Questions should be broken down by category: Ask Nixie Technical Questions Nixie Content Questions Ask Nixie Personal Questions Everything else is inline here for now. Games DynamicGravity-06/27/2017 every …

13 October 5, 2018
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