Ask Nixie Personal Questions

any problems with iritis? I belive it’s associated with AS.

Are you sure you are ok to continue doing videos? We all love you but i bet we all can agree your health is the most important thing here

Shari Vegas-06/27/2017
Well, I’m not sure if this is too invasive, but are you still in the Seattle area?

What type of spiritualities or philosophies do you follow?

I was very ill a long time ago and some YouTubers helped me get through my stay in the hospital. I’m hoping to say thank you to one of them at RTX, how do I say thank you/not awkwardly say thank you for helping my time on my sort of deathbed somewhat tolerable?

I vaguely remember a video where you mentioned liking IPAs, if you could have any beer at the ready while troubleshooting, or programming, what would it be?

What is Single in today’s world? How does one define being Single?

Do you now listen to TwitTV now? With Leo L? And Hak5 with Shannon M?

I know you had cats before and you liked to show them off. So are they still around or did you leave them in D.C. ?

Have you seen the film “Her”?

▓▒░ FATRIFF ░▒▓-06/27/2017
Nutella or Marmite?

Snap or Flat?

Firesphere; the real one-06/29/2017
@Nixie :purple_heart: Do you like ponies and unicorns?

When you’re in a depressive episode, how do you personally try to cope with it or try to fight back against it? (well, that’s if you get depressive episodes…)

What are the lamas’ names?

Favorite Genre of Music?

@Nixie :purple_heart: do you still have the watch from the “Legends of the Hidden Temple”?

@Nixie :purple_heart: what’s your favorite TV show now that Game of Thrones is over for the season?
I’m always telling the truth except for when I’m not.
with that being said, I have it on good sources that her favorite television show currently is Bob the Builder

How large was the pile of boxes for your birthday?

GeneralLEE - 01/23/2018
Hey Nixie, i wanted to know what phone are you using :smile: ?

Raoni - 02/20/2018
Hey sorry to bother you but did you ever envisaged taking cannabis oils and stuff ? :3 Since you’re living in USA you could give a shot at thoses kinds of treatments.
I’m not a doctor, i’m no one, but i heard that chemo is really heavy and that many claims beeing cured by treatments like the ones given by “Rick Simpsons” (you could search this if you are interested)
Anyway, I hope, you’ll be good, I can’t relate to a world whitout Nixie anymore :frowning:

ReLiX - 05/30/2018
Your take on the Solo movie?

em42 - 06/05/2018
@Nixie :purple_heart: have you actively tried to invoke Autophagy of your cells? Either by IF(intermittent fasting as i #suggest-anything ) or medication? If yes, has it reduced the pain? I have read quite a lot on the merits of intermittent fasting for other health issues - mine is a fatty liver because party was me

Medic_SAR - Last Saturday at 3:43 PM
have you ever thought of doing your radio amateur (Radio Ham) course and exam?

I think I found a great new mouse pad for you on Amazon .
Do you like?

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I want to barter health-positive personal sacrifices. What kind of physical fitness commitment would I have to offer to get you to swear off using apple devices and software for a week? For a month? A year?


Not so much a question just a comment. The coffee meet up is still on the table for Marc and you if you have time next time you are close to Seattle.

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Does the D20 mug hold a fair amount of tasty beverages?

This was more of a curiosity question when they got back from filming Geeks Abroad and the ordering off of Nixie’s wish list on her birthday. It is not necessary to really answer.

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Nixie, do you prefer felines(cats) or vulpines (foxes)?