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Curated Questions should be broken down by category:

Everything else is inline here for now.


every play factorio?

Do you play Overwatch?

Oh hey what do you think about Interstellar Marines game which has been in loooooong development

wonder if you guys have looked in to Vault 7?

ComputerWhiz - 05/22/2018
Which is better Steam or


Can you or anyone else can explain this discord thing to me?

is there a Linux app for this discord?

Thank you for putting these together!

Are there any ones that you’d say should get answered first? :slight_smile:

~ nix

Sure thing.
There are only 70 odd total here. The thread title will be a bit misleading now since I put a date on it but I plan to continue adding the new questions here to the bottom of the list and use the strike on whatever you decide to answer while still allowing us to see what has/hasn’t been answered to avoid repeats as more are added.

With that said and the amount of questions here it would likely depend on the format of delivery you’re looking to use for answering.

  • One big video to address them all in bulk in a Q&A where you just read yourself and answer
  • some sort of interview style where you’re presented with the questions and answer them video or audio
  • any sort of text type answer where you just list in discourse/discord/reddit etc

There are a few in there worthy of a long winded explanation due to complexity of the question asked, multiple part questions, loaded questions that are seeking a review or opinion and the like but most will be a simple quick and straight forward answer that likely won’t take very long to address.

So to complicate things by completely not addressing your question on what you should answer first I’ll counter with my question of your answer delivery.

My reason for saying this is I believe we could go with several different methods of delivery here if you don’t do it in bulk to kind of pad the material people are craving from you by releasing these out into smaller chunks instead of just one long video/audio and addressing them all at once - if they’re chunked I’d sort them and have a few ideas of order (long one and a chunk of shorter to fill accordingly)

The End.

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I think doing a “This Week in Nixie/Geek Beacon” I could go through 5-10 depending on how intense they are. WDYT?

Surely a bunch of questions are textual one-liners, and some require either some storytelling, or a few paragraphs. It entirely depends on how you want to handle it.

I’ll add answered questions to the wiki, so if necessary mods/admins can point at it if one and the same question is asked again and again.

Yeah, that sounds good to fit a small segment into your already planned weekly/biweekly update releases. Maybe just start at the top and work down from oldest to newest instead of sorting them out and potentially not getting to all of them? Then I can strike a whole date range per “This Week in Nixie/Geek Beacon” release.

OR as mentioned by csgeek, a poll can be setup to vote on questions - problem with that being nobody is really too active here in discourse currently.

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