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hwpplayer1 - 02/07/2018
@Nixie :purple_heart: Do you know how to get an Ubuntu TV?

Ender1518 - 02/05/2018
How can I set up my router using an iPad??

Would you try and build a Hackintosh on Twitch?

Are there alternatives or open source sites similar to Twitch?

Does the external GTX 1080 setup only work in Windows?

EastCoast Caveman-07/23/2017
Heya Nixie, I am glad that you are back. This community missed you. I am very new to linux and I have limited knowledge about installing games like Divinity II within Deepin 15.4.1. I may get the game to load to the beginning window or I may get a black screen with sounds. Deepin 15.4.1 is a beautiful Debian OS. I have recently kicked MS WIN 10 to the curb. Any help or tips would greatly be appreciated. Thank you Nixie for taking the time to read this.

noname - 01/21/2018
is it possible to install osx in windows pc ?

GuruJosh - 04/27/2018
hash tables? hmm i remember we had to install all kinds of security patches due to possible hacks on hashed values in database tables at work. i wonder how this would be applied on the internet.

EscapeFerocity - 06/02/2018
I saw your hashtables comment above, what would be your recommended reading / watching for getting up to speed?

Technical Opinion Questions

B15HOP - Last Wednesday at 7:38 PM
Personally been using gimp for quite a while @Nixie :purple_heart: . Do you still still use photoshop?

travisbrown9201 - Last Saturday at 1:49 AM
Nixie I Love Your Videos on Youtube if it was not for you I would not be into computers like I am today… I just applyed for college at SNHU and I hope I get into the College and I am going to be taking IT MANAGEMENT… It looks very fun and can’t wait to get into it. Love Your Old Ubuntu Videos… not question, but nice comment -BW

SkyRaiderG7 - 04/15/2018
manjaro or mint

Panther Silverelf(PC) - 04/08/2018
Hi @Nixie :purple_heart: , Have you ever tried installing Linux on a Surface Pro 3?

supamesican - 04/12/2018
Have you ever tried to install linux on a cat

Anonymous -
I know you have Linux but can you tell me your opinion on it, cuz im really on the edge right now if i should get the beowser with statements like " We purge the logs frequently, and keep the reports forever" Especially the keep Reports forever sorta scares me…
Although i know fir a fact that chrome and especially firefox are terrible picks (for privacy and the shady stuff mozilla did) im sorta leaning towards them. Im awaiting your reply patiently.(edited)

CNY-Curious - 03/16/2018
Hello, so i just want to ask the simple Question. What do you think about the Puffin browser( for Windows)

YunalescasAeons - 01/10/2018
am I a heathen for trying to give both emacs and vim some love?!

@Nixie :purple_heart: do you still stand by wireshark? i heard something about the nsa getting data from wireshark but i’m not sure if that’s true or not.

For her VMs: vmware or virtualbox?

Do you still recommend Firefox over other browsers?

Firesphere; the real one-07/19/2017
@Nixie :purple_heart: , do you have a

are you still using GPG/PGP?

Vim or Emacs?

What distro version of Linux do you like? and has anyone heard about System 76 new OS Pop os (

Nginx or Apache

jim bob-06/27/2017
what should I do with a PI?

Do you have a custom ROM on your phone? Also, what is your phone?

What are your thoughts on Wayland (X server replacement )? Thinking about moving to it mainly for better NVIDIA support like vsync

Hi Nixie, so pleased you’re back. How long before the smartphone is made obsolete by AR?

well i made it to the message ask question section, whats your new computer spec…? update on your tech

Do you have any interest in Linux and chess related applications?

Are you interested in any sort of constructed languages? I think you may enjoy lojban

Nixie! What do you think about the death of unity?

Nixie what are you thoughts about Windows 10?

what os do your rigs run/what brand of computers are there?
*are you using

do you think ARM will find its why to desktop?

what media server program you use?

Answering your Questions as Follows:

So nixie, have you ever tried arch Linux?

Are you using Windows also?

@B15HOP -
Personally been using gimp for quite a while @Nixie . Do you still still use photoshop?

I know its not FOSS but have you tried the Linux version of DaVinci Resolve yet?

Can we petition to call open sourcers “open-sourcerers?”

What’s your favorite Linux distro

@veremit -
^^ and why? Second favourite?!

What are your thoughts on youtubes content policy and crackdown on certain types of content and demonitisation? Do you think its something that would affect you, even if not, would it make you consider alternative platforms? - What are your thoughts on Free Software in general? ( key point, do you see benifits in it being a purely software movement, or personal movement to give freedom to the users of software) - Similarly, what you do think about libre culture as a whole? Is it worth pushing for more open and libre style works in hardware, software, art, and creative works?

@Obrienanthonyt- Have you checked out steemit?

turret project status?

When will the machines take over?


  • Mark Shuttleworth letter opening
  • Sudo apt-get install love song

Nixie you need to use Krita for photo editing and drawing!

as for Kdenlive @Ghostlysm will tell you how great it is and right now wishes he could go back to it on Linux and even I would say as a novice video editor compared to him that it is much betetr than it use to and a lot more stable.

I also started on Ubuntu but I moved to Xubuntu been using it for years and it’s been really good with my family mostly on Linux and using Xubuntu :slight_smile:

here is my desktop :smiley:

P.S you’re awesome, open sorcerer out!

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@Nixie I have more can of worm questions if you like :smile: I get where you’re coming from on the libre side of things. Interestingly RMS sees no need for it on the artistic side for example but thinks its important for things which you need control over (software etc.).

David Revoy who makes Pepper and Carrot publishes his comics completely open source (CC license), and does well I think, hes cut out a corner that does well for him. I think it probably works on a personal level. A level of open and free content i think is good for society but there definitely isnt a mandate that it should be open and free (maybe easily accessible but that’s required for anything anyway or you make no money).

I think the problem we have is that open software generally also means free in price, and i wish we could get away from that. free in price is the socialist idea which isnt really part of free software, free price just happens to be a consequence of free access. Not sure we will solve that issue.

Sorry to hear about your dad :frowning:

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