Nixie Content Questions

Have you seen Level1Tech’s Ryzen Linux build (with Windows VM for gaems) Planning something like that?

Nixi… Will you pick up where you left off with os-alt? So stoked to see you again! You made me a happy geek

Chip Pepitone-06/27/2017
Are you planning to Travel to Tampa Florida??? We have some absolutely AMAZING Beaches here

Will you keep the stream record on YouTube after it finishes?

@Nixie :purple_heart: Hey! In your video thing not too long ago you said you used more “professional” thing to broadcast, and I’m wondering what that is

What is your Twitch channel name?

NIxie and Co - is there a twitch channel I can follow for the gaming periods?

I wonder if one could have an newer @ Nixie <3. video reply to an older @ Nixie <3. video. Sort of like The Siri A.I. meeting Googles’ A.I.

Hey nixie would you be able to do another top Android apps? I made the switch and did find some of my own but just curious what you use now

@Nixie :purple_heart: would you consider doing an updated top privacy browser plugin for OS/ALT ?

Would @Nixie :purple_heart: and friends care to do a Starship Horizons stream sometime??

hey Nixie!
Please make us a video about bitcoin mining
hot topic right now
All these crypto coins are a hot topic actually

kai - 03/10/2018
When will you upload videos on Geeksabroad youtube channel ?

ConanOfRottingham - 02/01/2018
glad to find this channel in discord Nixie, will you be making more Youtube videos in the future?

Suicide Mouse - 02/15/2018
A question to the amazing Nixie, In this video you did I can hear a certain song being played in the background, I was wondering if you could give me the name of the music

AVDIII - 04/12/2018
How do I redeem for the pateon photoshoot picture?

Nixie :purple_heart: - 05/05/2018
@Raoni I just came back from a Blockchain summit | tell me a bit about that, plz -BW

no-save - Last Friday at 3:05 PM
I have a question for Nixie.
Have you considered making a computer sound pack for mycroft or other VI assistant?
It could be monitized.
Actually, that’s more of a statement. You should do that, if it’s never occurred to you. Or not. Whatevs.

Have @Nixie :purple_heart: and @Zakupilot256 seen in memoriam of Suki ?!

I figured out part of it and really debating on whether or not to actually use that part of patreon benefit.

Hi, Nixie. What are you working on now?