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Please ask questions here for future streams. Please vote for questions by using the emojis for the question you’d like to get answered. Questions with the highest number of emojis will get answered n the next live stream.

This is an example: What is the meaning of life? Note: 42 is not a valid answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What are some other ways to help build Geek Beacon and Geeks abroad?

If you could give one piece career related life advice to a young Nixie Pixel, what would you want to express?

What if you were giving any other young technologist career related life advice, how would it be different?

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Hey! Will there be update on best players music/video on linux?
I like cmus and mpv. Both snappy and reliable.

Im not sure if im asking or answering question. Is there a way to change button(that triggers message posting) from “Answer” to “Ask” ?

– fixed: You can now simply Reply, and the voting is based on emoji count.

Have you considered updating the patreon rewards?

Locking this thread down, please use the appropriate topic for the category you’re asking questions for.