Nixie Q&A -- September 10, 2018

Answering your Questions as Follows:

So nixie, have you ever tried arch Linux?

Are you using Windows also?

@B15HOP -
Personally been using gimp for quite a while @Nixie . Do you still still use photoshop?

I know its not FOSS but have you tried the Linux version of DaVinci Resolve yet?

Can we petition to call open sourcers “open-sourcerers?”

What’s your favorite Linux distro

@veremit -
^^ and why? Second favourite?!

What are your thoughts on youtubes content policy and crackdown on certain types of content and demonitisation? Do you think its something that would affect you, even if not, would it make you consider alternative platforms? - What are your thoughts on Free Software in general? ( key point, do you see benifits in it being a purely software movement, or personal movement to give freedom to the users of software) - Similarly, what you do think about libre culture as a whole? Is it worth pushing for more open and libre style works in hardware, software, art, and creative works?

@Obrienanthonyt- Have you checked out steemit?

turret project status?

When will the machines take over?


  • Mark Shuttleworth letter opening
  • Sudo apt-get install love song