Video / Topic Requests

I wanted to start this thread to capture some ideas of what the community would like to see.

There is no guarantee that anything on here will be picked up but if you have a topic you really want to see presented, by Nixie or anyone else you can post a suggestion here to be looked at.

Topics can be anything from Linux to any tech related.

Suggestion of topics that haven’t been presented 1000 times already. Unless all 1000 videos are still confusing and nixie’s take to explain a topic clearly and easily for everyone to understand is what’s really needed. (:slight_smile:

If someone suggest a topic you’d like to see please vote up the topic by using your favorite emojis. (Click on the smileys)


Puppy Linux? And running it on slow “junk” computers and finding them to still be useful?

I liked the videos or Nixie going to the computer-cons which I used to go to but don’t now. Its cool seeing new stuff and her interviews and observations are pretty great.

Lets talk about some of the new features in Fedora! Just sayin.

How about “dealing with the C level” for people who still have their soul? Or :“Dumb’in it down for business units and executive breifings.”

Lets talk about practical use cases for containerization during a migration process! Lets talk about using PFsense! Lets talk about different storage and backup solutions ranging from using a distro like FreeNas to installing linux and slicing off some blocks using ISCSI!