What is the best editor [Testing]

Omg what do you like?

Visual Studio Code?

What is like OMG super amazing best ever!


Vim? eww… what is wrong with your brain… Emacs #ftw


Vim is awesome… screw you… also why are you having a conversation with yourself! weirdo!


this is by FAR the best test thread I’ve ever met

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Lol. There now you can provide a solution instead of me talking to myself!


I have been liking Atom and VS Code. For an actual IDE i have Komodo Edit and JetBrains pycharm though that is neither here nor there.

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haha, thanks for your input. I agree I really like VS Code which is surprising considering who it’s coming from. I use PyCharm as well with vim bindings. Actually i use everything with vim bindings… but that’s a personal issue.

Blender! use Blender for everything xD wanna cut a video? use Blender, wanna edit some Pictures? use Blender, wanna make sum sweet stuff for 2D-3D Printer? use Blender, wanna create awesome 3D Computergames… ok wait for Godot 3 for this one xD

Vim is very powerful but takes a while to learn. I went with nano at first, then I learned about the vimtutor or vitutor command and suddenly Vim was a lot easier!

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On Windows I use Notepad++. Great highlighting for different languages, and you can even add your own languages.
And since my linux usage is 95% console only I use vim for editing config files and the like. But I agree with @Raingram; vim takes a while to learn, and even “pros” don’t know everything vim has to offer. I am basically a noob regarding vim after I saw a video what vim can actually do…
so in that case I’d say: vim for linux, notepad++ for windows


In a pinch any editor will do, but my personal preference is vim.

All I need is a terminal emulator, tmux, and vim and I’m good to go.

No need for any fancy plugins - just plain old vim with a few additional keybinds in the .vimrc for quickly switching between buffers/tabs etc.

BTW - speaking of videos - this video has some nice tips on using vanilla vim with no plugins:


Not only that but you can add your own autocomplete for your own languages. The place I work at has an in-house programming language and if I hadn’t switched to Ubuntu I’d be using Notepad++. Just because it’s the easiest way to make custom autocomplete stuff.

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Yeah, vim is crazy powerful even without plugins. Hell I’ve been using Vim for ages and I still barely touch on Buffers, registers and all kinds of advanced features.

Oh and +1 on Tmux / vim. That’s my standard setup … also tmuxp is even better for managing your tmux sessions.

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Hell I’ve been using Vim for ages and I still barely touch on Buffers, registers and all kinds of advanced features.

I’ve been using vim for donkeys years and I still find myself discovering new bits of functionality!

It’s definitely worth taking the time to delve into its advanced features though. Since learning how to use vim properly - I find I can be far more productive in vim than any other editor.

… also tmuxp is even better for managing your tmux sessions.

For session management in tmux, I use a system of simple shell-scripts. I originally wrote them many years ago to manage GNU Screen sessions, but I modded them when I switched to tmux a few years ago.
It’s a little bit noddy, but it works well for me!

Well this is starting to run the risk of becoming a vim fanboy conversation…but.

What do you all think of NeoVim? https://neovim.io/ ? I liked it when I tried it but it still felt that it needed some polish.

I use Kate, Bluefish, PyCharm, Sublime

Sublime Always

I typically use Sublime (even has an Arduino plugin for the hardware geek) or Geany - that’s for my coding. For quick file editing (not word/text processing) I use Nano

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An Editor. Hands down.



I am pretty sure I have voiced my opinion on this subject a few time but I’ll say it again. I use vim/gvim depending on where I am working. I have been looking into PyCharm for python projects and I use QT for c++ programming. I try to use VIM bindings on all editors though simply because I hate moving my hands off home row.

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