What are your thoughts on the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 was finally showcased and the final design is now known (you can view it above). I personally like it, but I feel like some may not. It’s coming in two variations, a discless digital only version and one with a blu-ray disc drive.

What were your favorite announcements from the announcement event? I’m happy to see Hitman III coming, along with the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

But yeah, discuss your thoughts on the console here. You can watch the full event below if you’d like.


The new spiderman trailer was very good indeed.
I have heard good about Horizon Forbidden West too.

The price points have been revealed, right? Or was it a leak? Well the digital version’s price point is much lower than the regular one, and that’s a very good move in my opinion: diversifying the price points to offer a similar product will make it more accessible for the masses.

That being said, I am a box guy :wink: eheh

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No official price reveal yet from Sony. I hear it could go for $499, which sounds realistic to me. The digital version might go for $399 than, or maybe $449.

They have to announce the price soon though, the holidays are approaching fast.

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I’m looking forward to the UrhoBox. :slightly_smiling_face:


What the…?

Looks like something out of an “Aliens” movie!
Interesting… :smile:

I don’t recall seeing that, lol. Well we will see how many units Sony sells, they said in a recent interview they’re pretty confident with their sales and that they’ll break their previous records during the first fiscal year of release of the new console.

Speaking of which, did anyone pre-order any of the new gen consoles?

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During the time, i prefer Google’s Stadia

It’s more worth and more comfortable

What about lag? And how much bandwidth does it need to be smooth?
I firmly believe that cloud gaming is the future, but I’ve heard too many horror stories of Stadia to buy it now.
My network is limited to 100Mbps as well. Not sure if that will be sufficient for Stadia?

Apologies to everyone else for taking this thread away from the original topic

My guess is it’s basically like downloading a video stream in real time with the least amount of latency possible so … if you can watch 2K, 4K YouTube videos smoothly (if that’s your target resolution, not sure what Stadia supports) I guess you already have a homemade benchmark for comparison.