Voice Actor FAQ with Carlos Ferro & Nixie Pixel - Esports & Gaming For Education

When - 2021-11-08T02:00:00Z
Where to watch - Twitch

This Esports & Gaming For Education event is being hosted by our friends at LANFest in support of The Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Mr. Ferro, please go ahead and list them here in this topic. We’ll take the best questions and ask them during the stream.

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Carlos Ferro is an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer who has done various voice work in video games and animation. He’s well known for playing the likes of Dominic Santiago in the Gears series and Leonardo da Vinci in the Assassin’s Creed Series and more. He also starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Ensign Dern, and most recently did voice work on Shenmue III.

More details on everyone involved:

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Questions from the Kids:

  1. How do you get started in voice acting with no past experience?
  2. How do you get your voice to have so many different sounds? Do you eat lemons or something?
  3. Do you like voice acting?
  4. What is your favorite role?
  5. How much do you get paid?
  6. Did you take voice lessons?
  7. Do you play video games? If so, which ones?
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