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Join us for Esports & Gaming for Education from LANFest in support of The Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood. Many stars are coming out in support, and you can help. They are trying to reach $200,000 in donations, so let’s help make that a reality. Donate what you can at the link below. And tune in for what should be a fun weekend.

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When - Nov 6th & 7th
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Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood - Twitter | Facebook | Website

Event Schedule:

November 6th:

  • Talking Points: JackBox - W/ Ike Barinholtz, Marcello Lagosh, Stanley Onuoha and David Field - 2021-11-06T20:00:00Z

  • Indie game devs playing and chatting - W/ Three Flip (Developers) & Marcello Lagosh Hosting - 2021-11-06T21:30:00Z

  • Monster Seeking Monster (Jackbox) - W/ Dan Pavatich, Broni Lisle, Justin Porter, Cale Bain and Nixie Pixel. - 2021-11-07T00:00:00Z

  • OverCooked - W/ Danl Goodman & Nixie Pixel - 2021-11-07T00:30:00Z

  • It takes Two - W/ Danl Goodman & Nixie Pixel - 2021-11-07T02:00:00Z

November 7th:

  • Opportunities In Gaming - W/ Lindsey Akers, Widow, Jade Valkyrie & Nixie Pixel Hosting - 2021-11-07T18:30:00Z

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion - W/ Marcus Summers, Christina Liu, Diana Perry, Rachel Alde, and Anthony Ramos Hosting - 2021-11-08T01:00:00Z

  • Voice Over FAQ - Shenmue - W/ Carlos Ferro & Nixie Pixel Hosting - 2021-11-08T02:00:00Z

If you have any questions for Carlos Ferro, please post them HERE and we may ask them during the stream. You can also Tweet @ GeekBeacon or find us on Facebook and ask us there as well. :+1:

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