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  1. Suggestion Engine / Virtual Conference Guide
  2. Basically there are lots open source tools that exists and free tools. It would be great if we had a tool where I can select what I’m trying to do and have a tool that provides feedback based on user selections. Sometimes the closed source ones are best, sometimes self-hosted is the way to go. But this app should give you the information to make an informed decision and links to where to get more info.
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How can one properly judge a black box? By its brochure and press releases? Screenshots? :guide_dog:

It’s up to each person to make that call. What I mean is:

Do you want a self hosted OSS solution? Use A
Do you want a closed source solution ? Here’s a few options Called B
Do you want a hosted OSS solution ? Use C.

It’s not about making the choice for them just providing them with options. As far as evaluating the software if it’s closed. Just based on other people’s feedback, experiences as well as your own.

I can try bigbluebutton and zoom and figure out if one works better than the other.

There’s always a balance of Open Source vs. Just works. They’re not always the same unfortunately.