Rotblut in da house ;)

Hey Ya’ll

allow me to type a few words.

I love gaming as you all do to i guess. But to be honest only one Game got me on the run. It is Battlefield 2 and the Mods . Yes because of the awesome Mod support i am still so excited to play it. Less then i did on the release dat but still enough to make my neighbors angry by shouting out to loud when i get killed by an opponent. Sure i play most of Battlefield franchise games

My motto is that anyone who is better than me is a cheater and should be banned. Just a little joke because I’m really only average when playing.

I already had a few usernames but Rotblut is my favorite. Unique and yet connected to all beings in this beautiful world, because don’t we all have red blood? (German for Redblood = Rotblut)
Yes, sometimes I have deep thoughts too.


Let the party begin! :sunglasses:

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Haha, Hi @Rotblut and welcome to GeekBeacon!

In reading your intro post, I just wanted to add a humorous anecdote…
Once, a few years ago when I was in the hospital and a nurse spent half an hour trying to draw blood, giving up after seven attempts at sticking a needle in different locations (wrist, ankles, etc, ick!) and not getting a single drop… another nurse who knew my history a little, and knew that I am of an ancient noble clan (not that that matters much in today’s society, but still) - in Sweden (and possibly other parts of the world?), they used to call the Nobility class/caste “blue blooded” and the nurse comments that “Hey, you know why that other nurse couldn’t get a drop of blood? It’s because you’re blue-blooded!” and we both shared a laugh at that…

So, technically, even though we all have hemoglobin that colors our blood red, not all of us are theoretically red-blooded, heheh.

Yeah, I’m a smartass, I was born this way.

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True Words Jake but do you also know why there where called blue blodders? I hope you’re not because now i can say something! :exploding_head:

If you are a long time in contact with silver, which the upper class often was when they drink or eat (Spoons, Plates; Cups, Jewelry etc.), the body builds a certain depot in it and causes a sickness now called Argyria. A german scientist from Bremen Dr. Albers found out 1810, since 1816 he officially geave it the name argyria from silver (AG 47 Argentum). :sunglasses:
The sickness effects the blood, through that the skin is also affected and getting blue.
Brings me to smurfs now, haha, dang my brain. :cold_face:
We all know this in a smaller version called Argyrose when you get a black ear by wearing a silver earring.