New GeekBeacon Merch

Feel free to let us know your ideas for GeekBeacon merch, or vote on the designs below!

What merch design do you like?
  • Install More RAM
  • Beep Boop Bot
  • Penguin Squirrel LoveBot
  • Broken Bot

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Install more… RAM, ram… :ram:

Beep Boop the GeekBeacon Bot!

Penguin Squirrel Lovebot

Broken Bot

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I want a GeekBeacon Coffee Mug! :grin:

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OHH, how about a GB computer case?

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I’ll tell you what: do stickers, and you already have the previous ideas fleshed out xD ahah

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Nailed it :cowboy_hat_face: maybe a more complicated background, perhaps like a frame, on the same note as the Discord banner. Also a background color which is easier on the eyes, and near the borders this monochromatic lighter color fades away revealing the more complex background which perhaps could be integrated to better design the wifi logo.

I think if I remember right, the “beacon” on that background I’m referring to is kinda shaped like the player marker from The Sims? Obviously less is more is also a viable option, I’m not a stickers expert :stuck_out_tongue: (printing a more complicated picture may be problematic? Who knows). Oh, I should also clarify in my mind the sticker is round.

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