FOSS Pursim give and take

I started having a pretty off topic conversation on a different thread about the merits of FOSS Pursm and when to use the tool that just works vs the OSS tool.

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Let’s have a chat.

Okay, I’m curious. Are those reposting youtube videos without the tracking?

Side note, my own preference of late on picking solutions has been as follows, been meaning to document this:

  1. is it OSS and hosted by someone else?
  2. Is it Closed, but works great and does the job?
  3. 1 and 2 don’t apply, you have to host it.
  4. is there an OSS solution I can host that’ll do the job?
  5. Is there a closed source solution I can host that’ll do the job?
  6. F** I guess I have to write one. Insert crazy complicated diagram here on choosing the best stack, language, technology etc and why it’s best thing since sliced bread.

I know it’s not for everyone but I’m tired of hosting my own stuff especially when others use it. So i’d rather pay someone to pick up the phone at 2 am when things break.

That being said, I would love to setup a collection of solutions for various problems that’ll list all the tools that we know of for the problem you’re trying to fix.

For example, I need a forum.

Okay, Hosted closed source: Google groups
Hosted OSS: … can’t think of anything off the top of my head… but i’m sure there’s something.
OSS self hosted: Discourse, phpBB etc.
Closed source hosted: FUDforum?

Especially for the standard tooling for collaboration. You mentioned IRC and glitter for example.

Pretty much every OSS group I’ve been involved / student group needed.

Something to chat on.
Something to collaborate on that’s more persistent forum/mailing list.
Something to share data on.

It’d be fun to setup something and maybe even contribute back to these guys or hosted ourselves.

The Privacy Badger counter remains at zero on those domains.