Classic Gaming Night - Nov 14th @ 4pm est - Galactic Conquest

Classic Gaming Night

When - 2020-11-14T21:00:00Z | Countdown
Where - GeekBeacon Discord (Game Room Voice)
Server Name - | IP Address -

To get started with Galactic Conquest visit this forum post here! Thank you in advance for your participation in the Event!

I propose Nov 14th @ 4pm est as an official Geek Beacon - Classic Gaming Night to Feature the Galactic Conquest Mod.

Initial support for the date has been gathered. Setlist request include TaskForce ( Space Battle ) and there is a desire to amongst the developers to run the new server side CTF maps, especially Endor.

Input from Geek Beacon Organizers and Players welcome!

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Again?! Go pay some beta testers.

How about the classic game night sticks to classics?

Here is the tentative flyer for this event.

This has yet to move to a Calendar Event for Geek Beacon. If it does, the flyer promoting Geek Beacon will be distributed well in advance to various organizations and media outlets.

@Modanung , If you message me I’d be happy to coordinate a BF1942 vanilla (non-modded) event, one of the other mods, or any classic games in my wheelhouse!

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My point is…

You’re developing a game, right? Looking for testers/customers, right? What place does this then have in a classic gaming night? My senses sense no sense. I’m not even confused!

Please do enlighten me… but it comes over as self-centered agenda-inoculation.

Btw, I make non-spyware games.

No and No actually… but let me explain. We are bringing a classic game ‘BF1942’ and the Classic Star Wars Mod for it into events here. Multiple events over time allow users to learn the game and what it has to offer. The server(s) accept the last two major iterations of the Classic Mod ‘Galactic Conquest’ which were released a few years ago. 8.1 or 8.2.
When we offer NEW conversions this is done completely with coding on the server side and doesn’t involve the players downloading anything new or additional. We can move elements around and offer modes of play not offered in the Original release.

All that being said… a Major new release with new elements IS in the future which would require both servers and players to upgrade files. Until that release we are also testing 8.3 Beta currently and plan to make it available to steadfast players. This would be a graphic enhancement patch and would be optional to the players but not required. It would offer some of the 9.0 enhancements early.

Specifically I can tell you it sharpens the elements of desert maps, brings more appearance of technology. Reskins a few vehicles. Has new uniform design and adds details to small elements such as Gun Racks for ammo refuel.

I hope that helped. Just like a classic song , after time… it will be re-mastered. It may even be re-released in a different way.

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Classic… ?

Yes , it’s a classic. One of the first mods for BF1942, featured on Tech TV. Front end of a multi-billion dollar industry. No spyware as you say, or loot crates or any of those elements that came AFTER the classics. The Mod is released under Prolific Games with a Not-For-Profit Disclaimer.

Featured here 8 years ago on a 128 player server.

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I’d add that we do incur expenses. Including putting up a new server in Dallas Texas for these type of events.

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You mean you’re investing?

You really are pushing the PR veil to astronomical levels, aren’t you?

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with these collaborations, this Saturday we are hosting an event on a mod for Battlefield 2 so where is the difference? :slightly_smiling_face: To put your comments in perspective, this is the most viewed collab: Classic Game Night - May The 4th Be With You - Galactic Conquest (Battlefield 1942) - Dark Rendezvous

These battlefied games are old time classics, and they just so happen to have extensive mod support that not all newer battlefields have. Sometimes it’s funnier to difersify and host an event on a mod than on the classic game itself (2 out of 3 of my BF2 collabs so far are on mods).

I think you guys are misunderstanding each other, Posi is not “investing” (there is no monetary return, he doesn’t charge you to play, or to download the mod), what I believe he tried to put out there is the fact that he’s personally paying for the server where the event will play out.

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I intend to flip the script and examine phrasing within the flyer which might have gave Modanung the wrong impression. Also… we currently are hosting a in house server so we able to test mods with ease. It is our wish to have these assets. The Dev Team has offered financial assistance there. I will share in that small burden.
Currently there are 4 additional support servers for Galactic Conquest. Events have gone forward in the past with charitable actions of others including using servers other communities have provided. 1942mods, Moongamers ect.
Geek Beacon offers use of Discord and Forums a notable brand, excellent structure. We are thankful for all of that and dependent on those type assets and good will.

Dwarfing any financial assistance is time and knowledge. I have the honor of coordinating with two Rock Stars. Without them and the time and dedication they put in… well… I just can’t say enough!

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Who’s “we”? The Irken Empire?

Why so posy?

A lot of questions sir. A lot of inference in them. Is it your objective to throw shade my way? I’d not throw shade on your offerings, which look to be a nice anti-spyware post, some good looking interactive web design.

‘We’, refers to the Galactic Conquest Development team. Currently Myself, Theo and Bewil. With input and open invitation to past Developers, fans, and people like you.

Got a website? A repository? Forums? Public Gitter room? You know, something outside the shade.

…if you don’t mind me showing interest.

Yes , Yes , No , No

Website : Galactic Conquest only recently put up a website. It offers access to a Game Menu that explains most of the assets. Basically an index page with access to older web design that was restored to the web for viewing. It isn’t complete and will require a lot of time and coding to bring it up to speed. It does give us a HUB for offering this old game menu along with new download links.

With a hand in creating pages we could spruce that up and move it to a .net url

Forums - We exist mostly across Discords. Forums have existed in the past and the internet archive holds some snapshots of them. Without a dedicated forum. The developers tend to jump on suggestions and ideas wherever they might appear. Feedback here, in Discord from this group or another group. A comment on a video, or comment on a Facebook page. They/We listen.

Repository - We use a shared G-Drive for working with beta files. We have a 1TB mediafire account for storage and distribution.

Now I’m confused: It’s all GAFAM, but your website doesn’t have a single tracker?
Hm, maybe your chaos does have potential.

Wanna learn git?

I don’t think ‘git’ applies to us. The Website needs would be specific, for instance the Game Menu could be a widget of some type with a pop-up showing each vehicle, class or weapon and text describing how to use or operate. We can track downloads. We can track players that cross the server(s) The aim here is players in the Events sir. The event is a reason and date/time for a gathering.

My goal with this Collab would be to garner support and build an event that draws 50 or more players across the server with a sustained population of 30+

I invite you to download the stand alone.

git applies to my shopping list.

With further Collaboration , We have moved the tentative date to Saturday and this is the Final Flyer and the one to be shared across support communities!

Thankyou @Bremaine , for your input! Looking forward to this event!