AI Engine - Design Project

Hi Fellow GB:ers!

This is a Call-to-Arms of sorts, so I’m ringing the assembly bell in an attempt to find fellow geeks and future collaborators.:wink:

  • 1) AI / Machine Learning Project - Architecture and Design phase (Based on an Original Idea)
  • 2) Creator / Leader: Astro
  • 3) I guess we can use the forum for brainstorming and ideas/input for now, I just want to be certain it’s not indexed by any search engines or available to non-members, for copyright reasons. :wink:


Some background info:

  • The Original Idea was to create a form of “Virtual Therapist AI”

  • For context on the current complexity and stage of my design, picture the Iron Man movies, what is it “Age of Ultron” (?) - at the point in the storyline where “Jarvis” has absorbed/integrated with “Ultron”. :wink:

  • This whole thing is still in it’s infancy, and what I have is the architecture mapped out on a handful of sheets of paper.

  • I have the jist of it and the general “Functionality” idea and steps pretty much mapped out, in my mind. Will be getting that down in a visually presentable form in the near future.

  • What I really need is 1) FEEDBACK/INPUT, 2) Brainstorming sessions, 3) An army of Code-Monkeys.


If you’re interested in participating or collaborating, or just want to listen in to the BrainStorming sessions, let’s meet up on Discord?

I would really like to start assembling a CREW and have a first Brainstorming Voice Chat!

(…and dammit, there are no :beacon: or :geek: emojis on the Forum!)


Added this to the Brainstorming topic, if you want to get a Discord meeting on the calendar that’s a good first step. We have used BigBlueButton in the past also for GB presentations

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A few notes…

We probably should formulate a bit more concretely what we’re trying to accomplish. There are OSS projects that make this type of work easier, ML and so on but if we’re getting into the nitty gritty stuff of AI/ML it’s really high level stuff. It’s not something you can pick up in a few weeks and create an AI agent. (At least based on my limited understanding on the topic ).

That being said, anything to do with making the world a better place, helping with COVID etc… is all good stuff. Hopefully it’ll have a positive outlook.

I’ve been working on some more in-depth and detailed documentation during my AFK-time (RSI flareup, bah!) and am pondering somewhat of a “Mission Statement”.

Suffice it to say, I still don’t know how “public” these forum threads are, and for Copyright reasons, I dare not post too much detail on here until I know for sure that “Joe Dirt surfin’ de IntarWebZ” can’t locate anything I post with a Google search, haha. Sorry, just a little paranoid about copyrights and having my Original Idea “stolen”, so yeah.

I have added some more details and a few new/recent developments in the Discord group so far.

So, I guess, a nagging question I still have is this: is there any webcrawler/SEI (Search Engine Indexing) going on here, or can I safely post “TOP SECRET” details in this thread to bring you guys up to speed about what I’ve developed in the project so far?

Oh and @csgeek I totally realize this is a massive undertaking, but it’s got a good chance and the potential to improve and revolutionize mental health care, and related fields, also research and education, on a global scale. Honest, this is something I’m deeply passionate about and I’m sure you’re going to share much of that, or at least have a deeper understanding of the potential benefits of the “VT-AI” after our first couple of of VC sessions. :heart:

Well you are on the internet so assume anything you post online is public.

I’m not sure if google indexes it or not, it would be nice if it would but it’s definitely a public forum. We can create a more locked down section but TBH If you’re worried about a leak i wouldn’t post it online in any capacity.

So, keep in mind anything we do tends to be in an open source paradigm, so your idea and code would all eventually be given away, wouldn’t it? If you want to start a side business that’s fine just not really the norm for GB interactions.

We thrive on open collaboration and free sharing of ideas. So the more public the better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, it’ll totally be (mostly) Open Source, I’m just worried about someone going “oh that looks like a good idea I’m going to steal it and call it mine” but that’s just my paranoia as this is the first major project of this magnitude I’ve ever undertaken…

Hm… a Locked Thread? Sounds better!

sigh… been trying for a few hrs to get NGINX to run on my Debian box, to be able to have a quasi-secure spot to post some more info on this project… damn thing keeps giving me an error about “not being able to bind to the interface” so I’m troubleshooting… with my limited Linux skills, to boot… Oh well… I might just give up on that for now and resolve the “permissions error/issue” I was having with the IIS box, just to get something up-and-running, for now…

Anyway, I’ll link y’all on the Discord with a URL and user/pass once I get it online, hopefully before the first VC session, so you can get an idea of where I’m at in the Design/Architecture phase, kind of get caught up a little so that what I plan to cover on the VC makes more sense to ya?

Anyone wanna help me get NGINX running I can open an SSH port in the routers and pass ya through, 'cause TBH I’m kinda stuck… Oh well… “Learning by doing” heheh. :wink:

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Brainstorming Notes from first AI Meeting (anyone can comment)

And @Astro can expand too :slight_smile:

Due to life/AFK stuff, and having to take extended breaks from computer use on account of health and chronic pain issues, I won’t be devoting super much time to this project until possibly come spring.

By then, I will also have been able to raise funds to set up a beginning hardware platform.

And I realize it’s a massive project and also that I’m not the right person to be in a lead role / project management position, that would require someone more experienced and skilled at such things.

I’m way more of an architect/designer type dude, TBH.
“Idea machine”. :wink: :bowing_man:

And yeah, what @csgeek was saying too, I need to do way more research and acquire some technical experience and skills.
Will be working on primarily, expanding my coding knowledge/skillset, starting with JS and Python.

…all in due time. and health permitting of course.

It’s a neat idea that I most humbly think could quite possibly contribute to a number of areas, and benefit a lot of people in the future. But I’m looking ahead, as usual, maybe at least 10-15 years down the line.

It will also require a lot of:

  • Time / Effort
  • Research
  • Development
  • Technical Know-how
  • Experienced Collaborators

…to even get off the ground.

I’ll keep y’all posted, and I’ll be looking through my six boxes of roughly ~500 pages of notes/ideas/etc (accumulated over the past 10-15 or so years) and once I find the ones relevant to the AI Design I’ll scan them and post them somewhere secure and link that here.

Be well y’all.

And thanks for being so wonderfully understanding and supportive!
I Love this Community of the Beacon of the Geek!


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