Zany130 intro

Im going to copy and paste what I wrote on the discord and elaborate a little bit if that’s okay

hey guys just wanted to say hi and do a introduction. So my 3 passion in life would probably be technology, anime, and gaming. I really love tech especially anything Linux is pretty cool. as for anime I pretty much like anything with a good story or that makes you think. same with games so i mostly play single player games because of that lol (JRPGS mostly) anyway its nice to meet all of you. Oh something else i forgot to mettion im kinda shy and suffer from anxiety so please be paitent with me i might not be willing to talk much honestly im kinda suprised i even posted this much :sweat_smile:

some of my favorite anime and games are
My teen romantic comedy (I can relate a lot to the main character in a lot of ways)

World Trigger


Legend of Hero’s trails in the sky (that’s what my avatar is from)




Nice to meet you

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Welcome to the community @zany130. There’s a lot of people that are dealing with anxiety in our group. You should checkout @squirrels if you haven’t already on here and on discord.

Anyways, welcome and have fun.

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Hi @zany130! :slightly_smiling_face:

From Wiktionary:

squirrel (plural squirrels)

  1. (Scientology, often derogatory) A person, usually a freezoner, who applies L. Ron Hubbard’s technology in a heterodox manner.