What new generation console(s) are you buying?

  • PlayStation 5 ($499.99)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital ($399.99)
  • Xbox Series X ($499)
  • Xbox Series S Digital ($299)
  • Nintendo Switch 4K (Rumored)
  • Atari VCS ($389.99)
  • Sticking to PC
  • Other

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What console(s) will you be getting during this 9th generation of gaming? I’m really interested in all consoles coming out, except for the Atari VCS. I added it just because. I really don’t think it’s going to sell at all.

Anyway, I’m voting for the new Xbox, PS5 and the new Switch if that is for real coming out. I want the Xbox Series X because of the backwards compatibility, game pass, and Xcloud streaming. But, I want me a PS5 as well, as last gen I didn’t own a PS4, and still don’t. As for a Switch, I never owned one, so wouldn’t mind picking it up too.

What are you leaning towards?