What is the best editor in the world?

I’m looking for the best code editor, what should I use?

in order to make something a question, you need to tag your post with questions. You’ll get the voting feature where people can vote on their favorite questions.

The posts will be sorted based on the one with the most votes.

So three posts:

#1 23 votes, created on 03/20
#2 23 votes, create on 01/20
#3 75 votes created on 12/17

The votes are sorted based on num of votes and date, so in this case we’ll see.
#3 first (highest votes)
#2 second (earliest and tied for votes)
#1 last (since it was posted later on)

VIM #forever

QtCreator :hammer_and_wrench:

Pshh, the church of Emacs rules!

xed :memo: