Update 01 : Cutting Room Floor Flops, and Victories!

Check out some stills from my video here for you all! :nerd:

Yes, I’m still here, and I thank you for being patient with content. Right now, I’m just going through all the :gb_worldcube: Geeks Abroad footage for my 2 month trip so I can show you ASAP. Here’s just a snippet of it - but there is so much more. I am currently taking on the editing and post-production on by myself.

With that being said, all the mods and Beaconers behind the scenes have been working really hard to help me create this platform, which we will be hosting our content on… it’s rough for now, but I do want to give you a sneak peek. :eyes:

This is from Lucca’s Comics and Games Festival, the 2nd biggest nerd convention in the world! Over 300,000 geeks gathered in this Italian city which is over a thousand years old.

It was quite a trip to have so much nerddom right next to ancient monuments… they were even doing ESports tourneys inside a cathedral. :video_game:

Please also keep in mind, I do have a chronic pain condition :cry: so I do need a bit more time and TLC in order to get back to a schedule, and I actually can’t wait to tackle all this footage for you all.


EDIT: Those photos are in awful resolution and the layout is all wrong! Feel free to re-format this post, any number of you lovelies :blush:

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Looks like a lot of fun, hope to see more and hear more from you soon! :smile:

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