Technology for enterprise firewall? opinions/options

Working in a mostly windows environment and currently have a cisco 5510 in production. Microsoft updates on windows 10 have shafted the ability to use our VPN. I had budgeted money for a firewall upgrade but have only previously had cisco before. Do I stick with cisco or move on to another technology for enterprise firewall? I’ve heard a number of things mentioned in the discord already when I asked this question but I’m going to leave this floating here for awhile to see if I gather any additional information.

Have a look at the Netgate stuff, based on pfSense.



It is generally accepted in the high-end that FORTINET makes the best border security devices for Enterprise.

I’m using pfSense on my personal equipment. It works well! However, I have seen some people complain that the file system is unreliable… to which I would say… always have a good DR plan in place.

We’re using a fortinet product at work. It seems solid, but their support has been spotty. Apparently 24/7 means that someone is available 24/7 to schedule a meeting with an engineer at some indefinite point in the future?

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Update: I recently got my call with their ‘engineer’ (with a whole 15 minutes notice) who confirmed everything I told the NetOps manager, and was otherwise unable to answer any technical questions. As of last week, they scheduled an additional call to occur with a ‘designer’ at some indefinite point in the future.

Followup: If you’re going with Fortinet, make sure you buy a few seats for training, and go with the assisted setup. Seriously. Impressive products, but they can be a real pain to deploy.

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