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If you could create the perfect community of geeks, what would it have? Let us know here!

Good people.


An off-topic and/or sandbox section where people can try things without ruining the rest of the site.

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Can I suggest that if this is to work well in conjunction with the Discord server, that Discourse be regarded more as a place to put stuff we want to write to explore things in greater depth than in a simple chat room context? I reckon folks could write longer opinion pieces or blog type posts on a subject we talk about in Discord, and post a link into the appropriate Discord channel. If we have subject fora set up to correspond to the channels in Discord, then you could set up a link bot to post the links automatically.

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@Raingram sure we can do that. I’m not sure if we want to keep that permanently, but there you go.


@skiamakhos that’s the idea. Some of the channels IMO don’t even need to exist in discord since they’re really glorified forum threads. (ie. #selfie, #introduce-yourself, #ask-me-anything etc). We’ll clean all this up and I’ve already started linking certain channels over.

If you have a more elaborate question you should post on here… or want to organize a project. If you just want to chat, then discord is awesome for that! The voice part I think is great, you can just jump on voice and have a conversation, or eventually do a screen share to trouble shoot something?

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Adding a snippet from @Eden that was mentioned in discord.

@csgeek just a quick suggestion if you’ve not already you’ll probably end up wanting some useful plugins for the forums. Staff notes is pretty useful, discourse-patreon for linking patreon people, discourse-solved useful if you’re having help/ask question categories, poll, spoiler, and details plugins if not included by default are also useful functionality

another qick suggestion, you should be able to plugin rss feeds from the forum to the discord bot as well if you wanted to unifiy announcements/news
discourse has rss feeds for everything you just add .rss on the end. i think red-discordbot is used here as well? so theres a nice walkthrough on it


Some of these plugins look great

The following have already been installed and enabled:

  • Staff Notes
  • Discourse-Solved
  • Poll (Installed no idea how to use it yet ) tested



Other Plugins of Interest:

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I don’t know if it’s too in depth but information / a section on contributing to open source projects would be cool.

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suggestion on title?
I could just make one but knowing full well I likely won’t ever use that channel how would someone that would like to see it categorized?

  • code share
  • project collaboration
  • open source multi-user makery

^ and that is why you should name it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

@Raingram that would vary on the project I would imagine. There is a OSAlt category which we can add content on.

Maybe some of that might be better suited for the website? blog post on getting started on OSS project? or maybe a collaborative wiki type post on discrouse… not sure. But try OSAlt for now and post your thoughts and others can add on / comment on it.

@BrainWash to be investigated wiki feature of discourse… it’s a thing.

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