Sharing my Gamer World progress with you all

Hey guys wasn’t to sure where to post this but I wanted to share my progress with you since this a open source multi platform gaming application :smiley:

Here is the main menu

which as you can see shows the category menu, a news feed with different filter options to show all news or specific category news like news on games from developers that I have also contacted and helped out and a new games slideshow that can click on to go straight into the game.

At the bottom I have a chat button that open up a experimental discord Gamer World chat which will connect to your discord when you login and go to the gamer World channel and be able to close and open any time even if your in the middle of a game.

Gamer World is a slim application with uncapped performance unlike running the game in a browser as well as support for dual GPU support for anyone who uses dual GPU’s in there PC.

While I need to get more games, developers and gamer’s interested into Gamer World I also need to figure out the best way to have the application seamlessly and easily update multi platform wise other than the web interface being updated seamlessly for everyone I need to fix some minor bugs and fix some rough edges. One bug that had randomly appeared upon (I assume a electron update) has got me stumped is this weird bug in my code that only seems to affect the Windows version for some unknown reason giving me this js error window.

I tired asking for help on atoms discussion page which is where I was told to move my issue to via github but got on answer but I did find where the issue is but don’t know why or how to fix it…

On line 30:50 of my code path.join seems to be the issue which is part of the code that loads the flash plugin for any legacy flash games, taking it out stops the plugin being loaded on startup and fixes the issue on Windows but keeping it in doesn’t effect the Linux version and all works fine for a unknown reason.

Here is my code:

const {app, BrowserWindow} = require('electron');
const path = require('path')

var win

// Quit when all windows are closed.
app.on('window-all-closed', function() {
  if (process.platform != 'darwin')

// Specify flash path, supposing it is placed in the same directory with main.js.
let pluginName
switch (process.platform) {
  case 'win':
    pluginName = 'pepflashplayer.dll'
  case 'darwin':
    pluginName = 'PepperFlashPlayer.plugin'
  case 'linux':
    pluginName = ''
//Disables VSync
//Dual GPU Support

app.commandLine.appendSwitch('ppapi-flash-path', path.join(__dirname, pluginName))
// Optional: Specify flash version, for example, v17.0.0.169
app.commandLine.appendSwitch('ppapi-flash-version', '')

app.on('ready', () => {
  let win = new BrowserWindow({
    width: 1350,
    height: 900,
    icon: __dirname + '/icon.png',
    webPreferences: {
      plugins: true,
      nodeIntegration: false
  win.loadURL('file://' + __dirname + '/index.html') // Load splash screen
  setTimeout(function () {
  }, 3000) // Load store page after 3 secs
  win.webContents.on('will-navigate', ev => {
    // Emitted when the window is closed.
    win.on('closed', function() {
      // Remove mainWindow.on('closed', function() { if you want the menu back
      // Dereference the window object, usually you would store windows
      // in an array if your app supports multi windows, this is the time
      // when you should delete the corresponding element.
      mainWindow = null;

If anyone knows anything that could help out or want to help development of Gamer World or even a web developer for game let me know, I can help you out :smiley:

I hope you guys like the progress I have done and are interested in a more seamless gaming application that focuses on gamer’s while not putting any platform in the “can’t be support or wont run as well BS” having everyone on the fair situation of use regardless of OS in use with a application and games that don’t need to be installed and work out of the box and wont need any dependencies or anything extra installed!

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Wish I knew more about coding so I could help you out… I’m currently trying to learn C++. I got Bjarne Stroustrup’s book: Principals and Practice Using C++. Apparently he wrote it with people that have little to no programming experience in mind. It’s going a lot better than I was expecting.

Anyway, good luck in your quest!

Hey thanks for that, gotta start somewhere so just keep up the hard work in learning C++, I’m sure you will get better at it! If you know any sort of web development like HTML, CSS or JavaScript you could help out

Well, I do know HTML and CSS (it’s been a while though) but I don’t know PHP, AJAX or JS so I couldn’t help make any dynamic pages but I could at least build a basic framework for a page.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Yeah that would be a bit of a help if I needed any certain pages made! :grin:

You’re welcome also!

Hey, have you made any progress on this error? I know this thread was from almost a month ago, but I just joined the community yesterday and thought I’d check. If you are still having issues on Win I can take a look at it for you.

Yeah I fixed the issue myself, here is a link for the Windows version of Gamer World. If you have any suggestions or web games you want me to add just let me know :smiley:

You could try out a poll in here! :gb_pottercube:

Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind next time I need one! :blush: