Sharing Coronavirus Stories - Mask Band Giveaway

This is a follow up from my latest video, so please watch here if you haven’t yet. @Saucy and other members of the GB community are revving up their 3D printers to help make bands that assist in keeping a proper fit of your (usually around your ear) mask that makes them adjustable!


Please share your story below or on this form and we will reach out and do our best to send a band your way.

All are welcomed to share how COVID19 has affected their lives, but as far as the band giveaway I’d like to prioritize friends or their loved ones that have stories touching on weakened immune systems.

We’re stronger together!
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NOTICE: Please keep all political, fact checking, opinions and conspiracy theories out of this thread. This particular thread is looking specifically for stories about how COVID19 has actually affected you and your loved ones for the purpose of providing those people with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


I had some fun trying to figure out how many I could make and how quickly I would be able to make them.
At one point I was able to get 16 every 2.5 or so hours, and if im not working on anything away from my printers I would have been able to print for 12 or so hours.


From Marcus I from Facebook Annotation 2020-04-19 155509

I also had COVID-19. It was terrifying - having asthma and being celiac, I was at much higher risk. Breathing was harrowing for two straight weeks, as I battled fluid buildup and brutal pain in the lungs; then as luck would have it, I had gluten just as things were starting to improve. It was probably the closest I’ve been to staring death into the eyes, but I don’t think I changed my tune on any life choices, moreso was just deeply humbled.


Here are some comments Nixie received about covid-19

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Covid-19 has hit my family and my household pretty hard. My wife has Fibro, My sister-in-law is a severe Diabetic, and I have respiratory and mental health problems which affect my sleep stemming from my time in the U.S. Army. Luckily i don’t work due to my mental health and my wife’s job has put her on leave with pay. But my sister-in-law is a vet tech and she has had to work through this pandemic. We all live together and have a routine when she comes home, so we can all be safe. My wife and her friends started making tons of masks for everyone so ppe is not a problem. The troubling part is the few times i have gone out while this has been going on has resulted in massive panic attacks that takes me at least a day to recover from. If anyone needs masks please feel free to contact me on here or through discord and i will see what i can do.

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Thank you for sharing your story with us @istorm.

Please keep this thread for sharing personal stories on how Covid19 affected you. If you have anything else to add please create a new thread where appropriate.

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