Remote Control Software Off Domain (windows)

opinions, suggestions, alternatives:

I used to use logmein, it went premium only, then I switched to bomgar which was excellent and came free with the backup solution I had selected for corporate backup but they changed the terms and wanted a ridiculous amount of money to continue my sub. I then switched over to Dameware which is decent for domain only but it’s very tricky and bothersome to get an external connection working properly.

I’m aware of other options by name and won’t bother listing them as I’m primarily aiming for suggestions of others and what they use, what they hate etc.

I’m going to keep dameware because I use it for other purposes but I’m currently searching for something to compliment.

If you’re on a windows domain, why not just use Windows Remote Desktop? at the least the /console if free, or you can have a few RDP license it shouldn’t be that bad and its built in?

Last time I looked at it… it was pretty great.

I use TeamViewer for all my remote control work. The best thing I like about it is it’s cross-platform.

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Have you considered Chrome Remote Desktop (in the Chrome Web store)?



I use AnyDesk for accessing my home Linux box on the go. Used to use Teamviewer and liked it, but they had some issues and I had to find something else. Still use Teamviewer for remote access to my family and if my wife needs help while I’m at work.

+1 for team viewer. The built-in remote desktop for Windows is ok but only if you have Windows Pro.

RDP is great and I use it daily for internal connections where I supply the credentials but a lot of the work I do is for remote locations I don’t have a user to log in with - RDP also ends their session and takes them to a login screen which doesn’t work for our training.

I really wish Dameware wasn’t so complicated to setup. You have to use a proxy and configure a server out on the edge in DMZ and poke port holes through so it can get internal. All of that can be done sure, but I thought I’d just take a look see at what others are using/have used etc

I’ll probably get a single license for bomgar back because that was pretty damned handy.

Bomgar is one of the handiest remote access tools if configured correctly. I’ve used at a few previous jobs, and on my current job the configuration is kind of frustrating.

bomgar was nice but it got too pricey after they stole my complimentary cloud based package I got with my backup solution. “change of policy” bla bla

Anyway, I started using anydesk as you mentioned and it is WIN, much appreciated!

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Glad you like it. Looked at a ton of remote connection options, but that was one of the smoothest ones I tried. It’s a little clunky on my Android phone, but no more or less than most other desktop remote controls.

We use Dameware and GoToMeetings. If you’re after a business class product, this may be your ticket.

Well, as stated in the original post, your suggestion IS what I’m currently using. Dameware is just more effort than it’s worth to make work OFF domain.