Public Domain


Just wondering does anyone support the public domain?


I usually release projects that make it to a somewhat complete state with either MIT License or The Unlicense.

What exactly do you mean with ‘support’?
I support its existance and I’d be glad if more projects where more open source.


Oh ok that is awesome mate, would you be interested in joining in the Public Domain Movement?


No thank you.
I already don’t have much time on my hands and while I apprechiate free- and OSS, I don’t see the point of joining such a movement.
There would simply not be a big enough benefit to either me or others from me joing a movement, since I won’t want to spend the time to be active and already release and make use of free software.
In addition, I don’t shy away from using closed source/propriatary software when it is simply better, so I doubt I’d fit the spirit.

Edit: I also believe that extremes are rarely the way to go. And people should still be able to keep their source closed and earn money with it. It they have made something worth the money, then good for them. I’d probably do the same if I had a good idea…


I’m still not sure what is meant by the “Public Domain Movement”. But yes F/OSS in general i’m a fan of though that’s pretty open ended.


As in like encouraging users to use public domain licenses such as Unlicese and WTFPL v2.

I like FOSS but I also like them to be in the public domian? Do you like GPL licenses?


Yes, I like GPL licenses! :slight_smile: I usually put them on my code, unless it is something really small, in which case I usually use MIT or BSD. For works that are not programming, I usually use Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike.


GPL is far more restrictive than the public domain. MIT and BSD are close to the public domain but still do not qualify to be the in the public domain :slight_smile: