Plans for Daily Vlogs, Editing in Casey Neistat Style

I often thought vlogging was lazy, and a copout for real film-making and production. Then 2 years happened, and I went through trauma, trials, and tribulations, and I wish I would have gotten it all on camera. There has to be a way to elevate the vlogging medium. So before we set off for Geeks Abroad, I want to start to start practicing with daily vlogs inspire by the Casey Neistat’s style.

REQUIRED GEAR: - 2 Cameras Most Times

  • One larger camera for more planned shots not on the go
  • Smaller pocket cam for lightning fast recording
  • G7X Mark II
  • Gorilla Pod


  • Casey doesn’t stay in one place, but takes you throughout the day with a consistent message. The “Continuous Thought” is the best!


Here are some of the tricks I’ve seen him use to make his vlogs immersive and entertaining.

  • Neistat Cut-Off: Being in ture wAbruptly cutting to a new scene in the middle of a sentence or a thought
  • The Continuous Thought: Stringing together small pieces of a story in different locations. This manifests as Casey starting a story in one location, then finishing it in one or more other locations.
  • Associative Cut: Cutting in small bits of referential content, usually from past clips from movies.
  • Neistat Montage: Rapid cuts that show the progression of a single task, usually on footage that’s already sped up.
  • The Neistat Zoom: Bringing the camera closer to the face (or zooming in) to intensify a moment, which basically creates a new shot. It’s an in-camera “edit.”
  • Special Framing - Begin recording outside of frame, then walking/ running into frame
  • Neistat Transitions: Using in-camera transitions, like putting down/picking up camera, “lens slap”, etc.
  • Neistat Mise en Scène: Casey uses his keen eye for composition to make everyday situations look unique.


  • Store old footage of all mediums for later re-use in creating stries

If any of you have ideas on what workflow you need to achieve this, please comment below or reach out at !

Reality TV vs Real Life

I would love to shoot in vlog style because it would allow for a glimpse into authentic life, and one of the reasons vlogging is so compelling - because it’s so community focused and based on people and life itself, not production.

Nixie Notes 01: Life imitating art.


Good Resources:

Breaking Down Neistat’s Video Editing:


You’re going to need a Drone if you want to fly at Neistats level… And a Boosted Board :rofl:

heads up for when I suddenly disappear without warning - I failed.

project time!


Oh jeez. Silly squirrel. Just because they can do it in the movies does not mean you should do it in RL.

but if you do, make sure you take photos and videos.

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but I was told to DO WHAT YOU CAN’T

I’ve been watching this cat for quite some time now and it was really neat to see a drop here about the style and technique.