Phone Screening questions

What sort of questions have you been asked on phone screening (coding or otherwise) or what type of questions do you ask?

Lately i’ve gotten to the point where i’m just asking people to reverse a string and do some simple SQL, but even that people are failing…

My warmup questions turns into a half hour on how to reverse a string…

On one hand, if it’s too easy you miss the opportunity to screen them properly… on the other hand if everyone is failing your question… adjust your expectations?

Any thoughts?

this would certainly fall into the (otherwise) category and it was a reference not a screen - so it literally has NOTHING to do with your question but I thought it was funny. Employee leaves me because it wasn’t working, get a call two months later from Sams club asking if I think he would be decent as a shopping cart attendant …

Well, as long as he doesn’t have to work on computers out in the parking lot, I think he’ll do just fine.

(adjusted expectations)

The end.

:rofl: hahahaha

My last phone screen I was asked mostly about the HTTP codes and describe the three-way handshake for opening TCP sockets. :cold_sweat: I had to Google because I could see the the arrow flows, but could not remember the name of the signals sent.

That’s pretty low level. If you’re doing sysadmin stuff or networking that’s a legit question though. I’m just amazing at how many people miss basic stuff…

Now is the time where you can talk about the awesomeness that is – where you can screen, and be screen. And you’ve tested it, right @csgeek?

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Well, Kevin’s Discord community is also a great resource, but yes I love it lets you practice interviews get feedback and learn how to do an interview properly before you have to interview for a job that matters.

leetcode is another one I liked for questions and such.