PC Building Showcase With Holler

PC Building Showcase

Leads - @Holler
When - TBD - Proposed March 20th 2021
Watch Here - Video will be uploaded to our YouTube or Nixie Pixel’s channel.
We’ll be in voice here - GeekBeacon Discord

Holler will run you through the process of building a brand new PC.

Wait isn’t this the stream that was posted recently? :P

No, that was Holler’s Potato build :smile: this one is going to be more serious. It’ll be more a guide for how to build a PC.

Holler still wants to do creative builds like the Potato build, so look out for more. I don’t want to spoil anything, so @Holler if you want to say what you have in store next, feel free to. Or keep it a surprise, it’s up to you! :slight_smile: :+1:

Oh, I see now! Thanks for clarifying, I guess it will still be funny though (starts sweating)

off-topic mail rant, I'm a legendary badge hunter

Anyway I think the routine that checks for replies sent via mail might be kaput, and I also think I’m the only one who uses it either way so :laughing: fugget about it


Yeah I hope to attend too.

Can we move this to the 6th @Holler n’ @Bremaine?

New date is ok for me, thanks for the heads up.