Our GeekBacon Webcomic!

We have a webcomic! @Butter#9731 made this for our server - because we have been, and always will be… GeekBacon… err, Beacon.


Depression Awareness:

credits: https://www.facebook.com/ButterComicsMedia/ Click on the photo or https://buttercomics.com

it was too cute not to share!

---- Project Idea -----
Do you have any other daily mental health challenges you can think of? List them here in hopes of brainstorming some comic ideas around all these squirrelly ideas.

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One idea: “I have always found that one of my biggest problems is being stuck, unable to reach out to people, and unable to talk about my problems because I have a huge mental wall that stops me from telling people that I am not ok.”

Beacon, Bacon, same thing.

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I’ll have some pancakes with that side of GeekBacon, thank you.


One squirrel mentioned their story who will remain nameless unless they’d like to share:
Well I have two that people call odd but I’ve had lots of people agree with. The main one is driving, mentally it scares me. I have to force myself to focus and the thought of having to drive gives me anxiety and the shakes I mentally cannot do it I don’t know why. I’ve drove plenty, I had to drive myself to school, but having nervous sweats, shaking, etc. the whole time and my brain fighting me wanting to day dream to take my mind off it made it a literal fight against myself to go anywhere.

I know it sounds a bit out there, but I’ve talked with others who are the same way I am, and we all felt like weirdos because everyone else just does it and it is something hard for us.

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