Otakuserum: An introduction


Hi I’m Otakuserum, I’m definitely a squirrel, although until about 30 minutes ago I didn’t know there was a term for it.
I followed a chain of adhd and distraction today that started with a random discovery of @Nixie on youtube while looking for good opensource games for linux and ended with this post here.
If I had more time I’d explore here more but I currently only have wifi at the library.
I’m very into open source, Linux, electronics, robotics, gaming, reading, etc.
I especially LOVE EL Wire, I want to “TRON” out all the things with it.
I have tons of ideas for projects I want to work on but adhd and life have so far prevented me from actually doing anything.
It is difficult to ask for help, hopefully I’ll get better at it.


Welcome Otakuserum! So what games are you playing lately? :slight_smile:


mostly Robocraft, but only when i am at the library, because there is no internet at the place i’m staying and it’s an online only game
and when my laptop works, it’s kinda dying