My Introduction AonoZan

Hi there!

I have found about Nixies tutorials at the time when I wanted to switch to Linux (about 2 yrs ago) operating system and use it as every day OS. Her tutorials and facts about Linux OS helped me a lot to understand basics of using Linux. I recently discovered that theres great community behind her youtube channel and decided to join.

My name is Dejan and I’m 3D generalist with interest in programming, hardware hacking, renewable energy, IoT and science.



Do you have an example of all of this used at once? :nerd_face:

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I’m certain that you can use all those interest at once it only depends how crazy you want to go with project. Lets say you build 3D simulation of weather impact on crop field, using large array of low budget devices that harness energy from solar panels… and all data is synced with your app ofc :smiley:

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