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Uhh… I’m sort of a split personality. One side is very social and will beat the drums or twang the guitar while making up lyrics to songs intended only to amuse other people in the band and the anti social side that is shy and would rather avoid too much human time. I’m here because I had the awful nightmare last night that Nixie had beamed up to the mothership so with some fear typed Nixie Pixel into Duckduckgo and was pleased to see that she has started something fresh. I’m interested in anything Squirrel based and believe the world is a better place when its more geeky, I am a Mushware designer *Hardware and Software. I have horrible nightmares that I’m forced to use a Windows computer, I quit the commercial rat race and avoid contract work unless its with people who are semi sane. I can fix anything but a broken heart. I miss my cat and several dogs that have gone to the great beyond and pretend to like Disco so Nixie won’t hate me so much. *Does a semi spastaztic dance and slinks away hoping no one notices… I hate Hardware Abstraction layers. Am perplexed with people who worship Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs, *I do have a tiny bit of a man crush on “The Woz” I love clever well designed hardware (See Woz - Floppy Disk Controller) , super fast and or super tight code. I hate all modern languages starting with “C” and love cooking when it works. I love nurses *Who once yelled at me saving my life. Some Doctors for the same reason. I have been banned for life twice on Radio - once through no fault of my own. I always prefer the experience over the money and want to do as many different things as I can in life because its too short to be summed up on a sentence. However I think its important to be be paid (professional) then the alternative. I think the education system and politics are disasters. I’m bored talking about myself now…


Now a story on why you were banned (even one time) on radio would be an interesting read! :wink:

Thanks for following the light of the beacon. Welcome to our little nerd corner


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OH YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET ASKING THAT… *This is way too long but…

I really was banned for life from Radio. I was the “Engineer” of KDXL which was a tiny FM station in MN. I got paid only when something broke or one of the DJs knew I was broke and they broke something on purpose. So the station played ahhh… lets say it played a form of music that wasn’t my fav so I brought a pile of my own records (Which the DJs liked far better) and demanded the format change while I was working so I wouldn’t barf and short out everything. One of the DJs Andy Bloom was happy to change the station from playing all Bee Gees and Leif Garret to “The Jimi Hendrix Hour” or whatever. Andy tried to introduce me once but couldn’t remember my last name so I said, “Which can not be revealed because the FBI is hunting me down” So Andy has, “Be the 5th caller to Rat out Jay for free tickets to something.”

So my cousin tells me that I simply must listen to Harry Nillson (Spelszed?) who he said was a genius. I brought the record in and Andy asked me what song should he play? Having no idea I say anyone is fine. He picked “The Divorce Song” which was Harry singing to his soon to be Ex Wife “Your breaking my heart, your tearing it apart so F(WORD) you!!!” Now the first time he sings this the sound is potted way down so Andy can tell me how cool it was to be tear Gassed by the Cops at the Alice Cooper Concert and me asking him to stop putting peanut butter into the tape carts because I don’t need the money that bad.

Andy’s super hearing picks up that the un-airable F word has just gone over the air. So Andy turns up the monitor as Harry repeats, “So F you!” Andy rips the tone arm off the player trying to get it to stop and tells me very seriously, “Your just lucky that no one listens to this station and that the Manager is no doubt sleeping by now.”

The last part was wrong because the Station Manager walked to the Radio station in his bathrobe. He is pounding the sound proof glass pointing his finger at me and mouthing “YOUR NEVER WORKING IN RADIO AGAIN!” to which Andy bends over laughing so loud tears are coming out of his eyes. The Manager turns purple and stabs the finger of doom at Andy and we can just barely hear 'YOUR FIRED TOO!" So we both look at each other and do what you have to do in that kind of circumstance. Laugh until we almost wet ourselves.

I never worked in Radio again. Andy on the other hand went to work on the east coast and worked for or was mgmt? for Howard Stern (He was the cool guy not the NBC idiots) check him out on Wikipedia. He was (is still I’m sure) a 10 on the cool o meter.

This is probably getting WAY too long but I had my own Harry Nillson level relationship disaster. I was so bummed out I called the suicide prevention line and got a taped message. This made me laugh. Its like you call 911 and get “No one is here to take your call” so I decided to start a Band. Its cheaper then therapy and in this band I got to scream a lot.

For fun I made the guitar player a bet that I could get us airplay. He said, “No way” So I made up some formal looking “Stationary” from our Fictional Manager / Producer Mr Nick Vermin and made up a tape. I sent it with this letter saying we were happy to send this tape they had “asked for” and said we were sorry but would not be available to appear on the show until (2 weeks later) The idea being that whoever opened it would think someone had asked for this tape and really did want us to appear on the radio.

Being a total zeroid I didn’t know that most bands craft one or possibly two over rehearsed songs on a 16 track with 40 to 60 overdubs. I filled up a 90 minute tape with one take 4 track weirdness and no overdubs. The A side was thought out and pretty good (for us) the B side was crazy loud shit. I played the A side to be sure it was all “ok” and mailed it. So of course it was qued up to play the wrong side and… They played it. Song after song. The drummer is laughing the guitar player is screaming at me. Then they played something called “Just a Woman” which was our Guitar player singing about his current girlfriend from hell. The Lady DJ just fumed. She kept repeating “That was JUST a Woman… JUST a Woman!” Her co host guy totally ignoring this was reading off the title of the next song and insisting she play “Lemme get funky with your monkey” and the lady DJ said “NO!” The guy is whining about not being able to hear the monkey song and the Lady DJ says very firmly “we don’t need to play any more because… THEY ARE COMING HERE LIVE IN TWO WEEKS!!!” We ARE??? Oh right… we were invited (by ourselves)

So we showed up with our drummer flying in from New Jersey and rents this huge car because he had played for years in other bands and never got on the radio so he damn well was going to live it up by driving us in style in his Goochmobile. Think huge old person Buick.

So the Lady DJ asks for what it is we want to play and I say play the A side of that tape we (or ahh Mr Nick Vermin) sent. She informs me that the guy who wanted to hear the getting funky with monkeys song took it home. So our drummer says, “I KNEW this would happen and I came prepared” he hands her a tape that he has written “The Most Vulgar Hits of Joe Gro” and wow… It was more insane then the B side I sent. We almost blew up the stations phone lines with people calling the station saying how much they enjoyed hearing these clearly insane people singing about everything EXCEPT the typical love song (Thats been covered by other bands)

We get to a song called “The Tammy Baker Jam” which starts with me looking at the wrong VU meter that I think is connected to my Microphone. Nothing is happening so I’m screaming “You piece of F(wording) S(word) Somebody get me plugged back in!” then I realize its the wrong meter and just pick up where I left off screaming thinking no one is ever going to hear this anyway. So when I hear this is to be the next song I insist this can NOT be played due to all the nasty 4 letter words. I certainly don’t want any Station managers walking around in bathrobes again.

The Lady DJ asks, “Does he sing it or say it?” The rest of the band whisper to each other and declare, “HE SINGS IT” and DJ babe announces ,“After 11 its ART baby” and plays the now infamous Tammy Baker Jam. Well this turns her white as a sheet when she hears this Fing piece of S(word) intro and after the song ends puts in this Skull and Crossbone tape that is the station saying “WE ARE REALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT” for like 10 minutes… Anyway while no one “banned me from life from doing radio again” But I thought this was a fairly good reason to opt for Therapy and Valium for failed romances in the future.