Introduction of myself

Hello people at Geek Beacon.

After watching Nixies latest video about vanishing for two years. I kind of felt compelled to join. I really felt sorry for her with all those problems. I have personal problems too that can’t really discuss here. Maybe over PM. But the thing is with the world these days is that so many people have problems. Hopefully this group is warm to the needs of geeks who are looking for company and not just merely talking tech and hardware.

Anyway, I’m a gamer and passionate for all things tech. I am passionate about renewable energy. I have a late fascination for space travel probably caused by playing so much Kerbal Space Program. I like Linux and computer hardware. I also love high end audio hardware such as valve amplifiers and custom made speakers. I also do a little bit of C and C++ programming on the side…

As far as games are concerned, I love strategy, FPS, Co-Op with close friends and RPGs. Examples of recent games would be Factorio, Mass Effect trilogy, and Tom Clancy’s Division (I hate uplay and origin but oh well).

Right now I’m not working in the tech industry, but I still focus heavily on tech. I read a new thing about tech, or space every day. I have big goals in life, but unsure I will ever succeed at them. I would love to build a space plane, much like skylon with their new SSTO. I’d also love to build an eco friendly house. A smaller life goal would be to invent my own indie game.


Welcome to our little group of misfits – we’re planning some game nights on our Discord if you want to stay in the loop over there too!


Thanks a lot @Nixie

I did