Intro for AVDIII

It might be time for a re-introduction with all the new faces.

Hi Geek Beacon, I’m AVDIII/Tanllwyth and I love the Beacon. I’m live in the Seattle area and work downtown Seattle for a major US fashion retailer in the Client Technology Support group as a Tech 3. I have been using computers since Christmas of 1990, though my mom tells me I could identify hardware components when I was 2. I started looking at tech support around 14 and got my first help desk job summer of 1999 at Concur. I have a Bachelor’s degree in applied science in computer systems with an emphasis on Networking/Telecommunications. I’m a US Army Reserve veteran with one tour to Iraq where I was a generator mechanic. I’m considering a role change but coding and I always seem to like I get the fundamentals, for some reason I just can’t seem to keep at it. Enough rambling the rest may or may not come up. I do have a theme song, “White and Nerdy” and most people in person tend to agree with that assessment.

I like PC gaming, networking, architechting new Systems, learning, coffee, and chocolate. Enough of me, back to your regularly scheduled programming.