I had been wondering

yeah well i had been wondering what happened with geek beacon and lo and behold there’s a forum, and discord is active who would have thought… probably my fault since i suck at keeping tabs on discord; weak excuse aside me in a nutshell
i am a chef
a gamer
an amateur photographer
a beer lover
and a music addict
nice to meet you all hope to get to know some of you around these parts

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Hi there! @Yuurei – Welcome to the Beacon. :slight_smile: Let us know what your Discord tag is and we’re happy to chat more… our music channel definitely needs some love, and we have a bot that will spin some tunes for ya. :upside_down_face:

Hi @Nixie thanks for the warm welcome, my discord is the same as my username “yuurei”, i will try to be more active there as well but im not very good at discord-ing or keeping up with it. How does the music channel work?