How many monitors do you use?

Currently I have two monitors, and would like to one day get a third, because ya can never have enough monitors lol.

Anyway, how many monitors do you have setup currently? What’s the max you would ever have with one PC? I don’t think I could fit more than 3, which I think would be more than enough for me.

I have a Laptop with 1 external monitor set up at home but I do not use it anymore. I mean I only plug it in when we’re watching anime with the gang lately, but other than that I stick to the Laptop’s monitor.

Three would be a bit of an overkill for me. At work we all have at least 1 external monitor. Those who work in the graphics department or need to design web interfaces have 2 big screens. This is my work station:


work got me a pretty ridiculous display that is sadly just collecting dust. I have a 27" LCD that works out great for me. It’s basically about the same screen real-estate as 2x 21" in or so displays.

I used to have 2x 21" screens in the past with one of them flipped 90 degrees so I can look at code and see everything. I’ve never gone beyond 2 displays and even when I have the laptop connected I usually close the laptop lid and use the main LCD.

That being said, it’s a personal choice… So use whatever makes sense as long as it makes your life easier.

Yeah, two monitors is probably enough for me currently, but down the road I would like to get a third. I mainly want it so I can maybe game on one monitor, have work open on another and maybe have YouTube or music on another monitor.

But, I’m probably getting way ahead of myself, as I don’t even have the room for a third monitor. I’d have to get a stand our mount if so.

Currently use two monitors, however 3 would be ideal.

One with the display ratio of 1920/1080 and another at 1440/900

Used to have those rotating screens in my previous job in helpdesk; they were funny but we used them in horizontal orientation. Most of us kept the laptop lid open to have an extra screen to have Outlook always on top, or a VNC connection to the monitor with incoming calls; and on the big monitor you would carry out the remote assistance work. Actually in helpdesk all of us had 2 externals plugged in! You need all the screen space you can get, for multi-tasking. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an older 32 inch Sony Bravia HDTV that’s no longer being used, I wonder if that would make for a good 3rd monitor? :grin: I would have to wall mount it though. I’d probably only use it for watching videos and maybe hook another console to it or something.

You can try but you might not get the resolution you want out of it. If you end up with a 32" display and only get 1080p (1920 x 1080) that might look pretty ugly. Then again if you want another display go for it.

Other things that can be cool to look at are KVM (keyboard video mouse) setups if you have more then 1 computer. Or Synergy ( I liked Synergy but it felt a bit annoying at times to work with. I used to have a windows machine next to a Linux one and i could basically move the mouse from one screen to the next without switching keyboard/mouse etc.

At home I have a 2x21" monitor setup.
At work I used to have 3 monitors (mismatched sizes…gotta scrounge what I can), but one of them died so now I’m down to two.

I normally work with a lot of windows open and stuff spread over multiple workspaces. Dual monitors are nice, but I really like having three.

At work I have 3 connected to my laptop dock. 2x 24" and 1x19"

Home I also have 3. 2x24" and 1x34" (Ultrawide) - I do sometimes think hmm should I replace one of my 24 with another 34" or get a 49".