House, parlor, card, and board games + Other?

Do you like board games? Are you a wiz at Catan? Are you a Jenga surgeon? Are you a master of Monopoly? What about cribbage? Cards against humanity stories?

Did you invent a game? Does it involve drinking?

Let’s talk about that.

So I’m working on a parlor game. It involves jenga, but can also be played with dice! I’m going to use you poor suckers as guinea pigs… BECAUSE IT’S FREE as in FREEDOM. You, my human test subjects, will be the first to receive your very own game kit *(consisting of digital DIY instructions.) All you’ll need are some index cards, imagination, and some card sleeves. Naughty foul mouthed drinking buddies and lasses wouldn’t hurt the process either. Just sayin. If all goes well, we’ll have a video chat game night!

(I’ll take the naughty cards out to keep our internets PG13.)

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Since when has the Internet been PG13?

I like simple games that are based on one poker deck. The ones that you can explain in 2 min and get everyone to play. Theres one called “Pig”. Rules are: all cards shuffled and flipped on table. Each takes turn and reveals card. Flipped cards have to go in sequence red-bleck-red-bleck… If someone flips same color takes all cards already flipped up until that point and uses them on his next turns. When he uses them all continues as before and uses cards from table. When there is no cards on table and you dont have cards in hand you are out and saved. Who ever is last taking turn and in game is pig. Simple. You can finish game in like 10min sometimes with 4 player and gets fun once you learn to set traps and strategy. I dont like monopoly. So many things wrong with it starting from the name :smiley:

Oh and exploding kittens is fun too!

Exploding kittens is free on tabletop simulator! Does GeekBeacon have a proffered video streaming platform for groups?

Hui, offline gaming.

I am a role and strategy player - usually I prefer complex stuff. So here I go:

  • First on my list will be “Empires in Arms” a historic based strategy game playing the aera of Napoleon. Playing time about one week (if you play for 18 hours a day). Heavy stuff, with lots of diplomatic and military details.
  • Doppelkopf - a quite traditional german card game. Most about it can be read in Wikipedia - I want to add, that it is an extremly strategic game: Typically you do not know who you are playing with, there is (if played with Dullen) no single highest Trump, most of the valuable cards are “weak”. It has a very high replayability value, moreover being a more experienced player gives you some edge, but in many cases other abilities can help you win.
  • Thunderstone: a card-based game with a fantasy background - go into the dungeon to win the thunderstone. It is a deck building game with high replayability.

… and, when all is too late “Give Me the Brain”…

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